Are Tanning Beds Hot – Here Are The Basic Factors You Need To Know

These days, many people have discovered an ideal way to accomplish an artificial tan without ever needing to spend long hours at the beaches or swimming pools. Based on their discoveries, they’ve found a valuable machine that can suffice their skin with so much melanin secretion which protects the skin against the harmful sun ray.

The tanning beds have emerged to be the most preferred and popular in our modern era. While some consider tanning beds as the perfect solution to their goal of having a proper tan, however, some are still afraid to take an attempt particularly especially beginners.

They often asked the question, "Are tanning beds hot?". They really need to be enlightened about the temperature, pressure and intensity present inside the tanning beds and this is the main reason behind this article.


How Hot Is It In A Tanning Bed?

How Hot Is It In A Tanning Bed

There are various factors that may tend to increase the temperature inside the tanning bed and you should observe these things with the goal that you comprehend what to do when it is time for you to use the tanning bed.

1. Know Your Treatment

Most importantly, you should try and identify the best treatment that will suit your skin by taking your skin type, duration of tanning, and your skin resistance to warm temperatures into consideration. In many cases, salons will conduct and monitor skin tests before they prescribe an appropriate tanning treatment for you.

Many times, a regularly scheduled treatment is highly recommended particularly for the amateurs all because of a slow artificial tanning is very safe to carry out so that the skin won't be overexposed and turned out to skin irritation while lying in the tanning bed.

A 5-15 Minutes regularly scheduled treatment is already enough for a start regarding artificial tanning. You may decide to go for an advanced treatment if your skin is prepared to withstand the pressure and temperature of the tanning bed and also, get a long hour exposure to ultraviolet rays.

2. Consider The Fluorescent Bulbs

Whenever it is time for you to make use of the tanning bed, always ensure to inquire from the salon assistant maybe the Fluorescent bulbs are brand new and have not yet being used before for another customer. You need to ensure if none of the fluorescent bulbs are faulty or broken so that it won’t cause skin burns or dull spots when you are having the tanning.

For the indoor tanning beds, you should always do a proper maintenance for the fluorescent bulbs and check them consistently for safety measures.

More so, you should observe what watts is best suitable for creating the radiation. You may request that the salon assistant decides the intensity of the bulb. Suppose, the tanning lamps have been regulated to the maximum watts, you may actually ask your salon assistant to limit the time you will be spending in the tanning bed so you won't get heated and baked.

3. Check Out The Fans

A good ventilation system is important as a major aspect of the safety precautions of tanning beds. It is essential to check if the interior fans are working perfectly and dissipating cool air to prevent any occurrence of stinginess, burns and other skin complications.

Call for the salon attendant if you observe that the interior fans are not working perfectly or breaking down so that it can be promptly replaced with new ones that will satisfy your desire.

4. Work Out With Your Position

It is really important to turn over and change your positions every 4-5 Minutes to accomplish an even bronze tan and prevent overexposure of the ultraviolet ray on a particular part of the body. There are numerous ways on the best way to position yourself while lying on the tanning bed.

Always remember to wear your defensive accessories such as the lip balms, goggles and head caps since the lips, eyes, and scalp are known to be the most sensitive parts to be prevented from overexposure. Changing of positions in a tanning bed have its own benefit in giving you that perfect bronze tan.


Conclusion - Are Tanning Beds Hot

After reading this article, I believe you can now know how hot tanning beds are. A safety precaution ought to be your first and foremost priority whenever you are planning to use the tanning bed. You just have to set up a checklist as your personal guide for getting your desired artificial tanning treatment.

With the help of the guidelines discussed so far, you will surely love your tanning treatment and be astonished of your lovely bronze skin tone and this will make you come back for more.

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