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How To Get Wax Out Of Hair: 3 Quick & Easy Ways To Do It!

Whether you’ve accidentally got candle wax on your daughter’s hair (or even on your pet’s fur) or if you have been struggling to wash off styling wax, you will soon realize that getting rid of wax out of your hair is no easy feat.

It is quite a struggle that if you are ever in this situation, you might even consider chopping your hair off.

Unfortunate accidents aside, continuous use of wax in hair styling products can be very bad for your hair as well. The buildup of wax will not only leave your hair grimy and dirty, but this could lead to some problems for your scalp as well.

How Not To Get Wax Out Of Hair

You might be thinking that shampoo and tons of water might help. Perhaps vigorous scrubbing should do the trick as well.

But obviously, these will not solve your problem and might even cause more damage onto your scalp unintendedly.

Before doing anything, here are a few things you should not attempt in order to get rid of wax:

1. Using Dishwashing Liquid

Dishwashing Liquid

Need a quick fix? Google might tell you to use dishwashing liquid. Although dishwashing liquid is very effective in removing oils and wax, its components are not very safe for your hair. Chemicals used in dishwashing liquids can even cause damage onto your scalp.

Of course, you are free to use this on items such as your carpets or clothing - but never for your hair. Just because it works doesn’t mean it is suitable for you.

2. Simply Brushing It Out

Not only is this a painful process for you, but it will not do anything to help your situation out.

Brushing It Out

You may successfully remove a small amount of wax but without prepping your hair first, simply brushing will only cause you to damage your hair in the process.

3. Cold Water And Shampoo

You know that rinsing it off a couple of times probably won’t work - and neither will cold water.

If at first rinse, the wax does not completely come off, use one of the methods below this article. Shampoo will cause your hair and scalp to dry out thus, damaging your hair as well.

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3 Easy Ways To Get Wax Out Of Hair

Now that you know what doesn’t work, let’s take a look at what does. First of all, do not panic. There are quick solutions to help you out - your hair is not going to look like that forever, I promise.

So if you were just messing with your hair and you’ve made a hideous style with wax, here’s what you have to follow;

1. Rinse With Hot Water

Always remember that heat melts of wax.

So, it is obviously that cold water trick will not get you anywhere.

Here are simple steps you can do to achieve this method.

Hot Water

You Will Need: Conditioner, Shampoo and Comb

  • First, wash your hair thoroughly with hot water only. Make sure that water is hot enough and not scorching hot. As much as you want to get rid of wax as fast as possible, you shouldn’t burn your skin in the process.
  • Use a high quality conditioner to wash with your hair. No need for shampoo at this point.
  • Leave for 2-3 minutes while massaging your scalp before rinsing once again.
  • Make sure that your hair is clean from conditioner.
  • Use a brush to comb out the excess wax. Once you feel that your hair has been removed from all the wax, rinse hair once again with shampoo this time.

2. Use A Hair Dryer

Again, this method deals with using heat.

For this method, make sure that you are not burning your hair with the hair dryer as it will cause more harm and dry out your hair strands.

You Will Need: Paper Towels, Hair Dryer, Shampoo, Conditioner And Comb

Hair Dryer
  • Prep your hair for the process by wrapping sections of your hair with a paper towel. I recommend working with one section of hair at a time.
  • With your hair dryer, heat the section of hair that was wrapped with the paper towel. Make sure that it is hot enough to melt the wax without burning yourself.
  • After a few minutes, remove paper towel and comb out excess wax.
  • If there is still remaining wax, you may repeat the same process on the same section or move on to the next.
  • After doing steps 1-4 in all sections of your hair, head over to the shower and wash hair with shampoo and conditioner.

3. Applying Ice

Take a look at the type of wax your hair has gotten into.

If you use hard wax, heat may not be the option for you.

Opt for an ice cube instead (unless you want to dip your whole head into icy, cold water - be my guest)


Here are the steps:

  • With an ice cube, harden sections of your hair until wax starts to crumble.
  • Using a comb, brush out excess crumbles of wax.
  • Rinse hair with good quality shampoo and conditioner.

Other Reminders

  • When using hair wax, only use an ample amount so as not to cause product build up onto hair. Try to use as little product as possible as it is also one of the factors that cause hair damage.
  • If constant use of hair styling waxes cannot be avoided, invest in a good quality clarifying shampoo. If possible, choose one with a fruity infusion such as lemon or orange for a more effective cleanse.
  • Be careful when choosing other hair products. Some shampoos may also contain wax and if using with this method, might not give you the results you expect

Got Wax In Your Hair?

Do you, or anyone you know, constantly use hair wax to style their hair? What methods do you use to remove it at the end of the day? As always, leave us a comment below. We love to hear about your hair stories. And if you have any questions, feel free to ask us as well.

Your Quick Guide To Buying The Best Hot Roller

If you love vintage hairstyles and have never used hot rollers in your life, you are definitely missing out on something.

As someone who loves to curl her hair, on a regular basis, I would definitely opt for a high quality set of hot rollers hands down.

Although a curling iron is all the rage in the beauty industry nowadays, I often find it to be quite taxing and time consuming.

Perhaps it is a personal preference but after searching online for the opinions of other users, it seems like hot rollers are still number one in hair curling.

Hair rollers are not new. You may have seen your mom, or even your grandma use it as they doll up for special events in the past. Unsurprisingly, it is still used even today - except with more advanced features and an enhanced ease of use.

Reasons Why You Should Invest In A Set Of Hot Rollers

1. It Holds Curls Longer

I don’t know about you but my hair does not do well with curling irons. No matter how long I keep the iron onto my hair, it just doesn’t hold the curl up for as long as I expect it to.

Perhaps it is just the brand of curling iron or the method I used. In the end, it wasn’t for me.


In fact, I have once attended a wedding with my hair curled up with a curling iron. By the end of the ceremony, my hair is back to being straight as a ruler.

This has never happened to me with a hot roller though. With little to no effort at all, hot rollers are able to curl my hair like a pro.

2. It Does Not Take A Lot Of Effort

One thing I do not like about curling irons is the time and effort that is needed just to curl my hair.

Strand after strand, curl after curl - the whole process bores me. This is not ideal at all if I am pressed for time - and knowing me, I do not like to be rushed when getting ready.

The great thing about a hot roller is that I simply twist my hair onto the roller, pin it up and wait.

There is absolutely no need for me to work on strand after strand, making this the tool of choice when I’ve just got less than an hour left to prepare.

3. You Can Multitask

Compared to using a curling iron, hot rollers allows me to do other things rather than curling my hair strands one by one.

I can do my makeup at a glacial pace, choose a dress and matching shoes, and many other things without the stress.


Of course, this has nothing to do with the effectivity of hair curling, but I am always willing to buy more time for preparing myself for a night out.

4. It Heats Up Quickly

Some curling irons take forever to heat up. They’re either not hot enough or scorching hot.

The good thing about hot rollers is that you can expect it to heat up fast, making the hair curling process faster and you can easily estimate how much time you need to keep it up.

5. You Can Achieve Retro Styles Easily

Love the retro looks you see over on Pinterest? Curling irons have always been a mystery to me.

I just can’t get the curls to look the way I want it to be. But with hot rollers? You can’t imagine the countless retro styles you can achieve with ease.

The Top 5 Best Hot Rollers

Looking to purchase a set of hot rollers for yourself soon? The first and most important thing for you to do is to identify which style of curl you want to achieve.

With this in mind, the next thing you need to do is to find out the size of rollers you prefer and the heat settings you need.

There are plenty of sets out there for you to choose from and it can become quite overwhelming shopping for one. With your own personal standards, you are able to narrow down your options.

However, if you are looking to experiment with different looks, there are also sets that come with flexible functions and a variety of roller sizes.

Luckily, I’ve made a list of the top 5 best hot rollers out on the market today. Hopefully, you may find your match through this list and begin your new life with hot rollers.

**Below, you'll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

Calista Tools is a respected brand for hot rollers. With its very simple design and ease of use, it is no wonder that this set is on the top 5 list. 

The great thing about these hot rollers is that it uses state of the art Ion technology that ensures stronger hold for hair styling.

This Ion technology is said to infuse multi-element mineral powders onto each rollers when used. And as the name suggests, the Calista Tools Ion Hot Rollers Short Style Set is also great for people with shorter hair.

It comes with 12 rollers with 2 varying sizes. If you are looking for something simple to get the job done, this set is the best match for you.


  • Simple and easy to use to use
  • Has a lot of rollers


  • Limited sizes of rollers
  • Lesser controls for settings
  • Does not heat up as fast as other brands

The Caruso Molecular Steam Hairsetter isn’t just great because it comes with 30 rollers in varying sizes.

The company boasts its technology called the 30 Second Curl™ - this basically means that hair is blow dried first before the actual curling process.

This technology aims to evaporate moisture in preparation for styling.


​What sets the Caruso Molecular Steam Hairsetter apart from other hot rollers on this list is the fact that this device creates steam to heat rollers.

It is said to be more gentle than and safer for daily use. Just fill up the device with water and with a push of a button, it's already set up.

Caruso also mentions that this product is compatible with all hair types and one can easily achieve beautiful and shiny looking hair.​


  • Features a special technology - the 30 Second Curl™
  • ​Lots of rollers in variable sizes
  • Blow-dried hair effect
  • Uses steam to heat up rollers
  • Gentle on hair and safe for daily use


  • ​Rollers may become too hot
  • Minimal temperature setting controls
  • Method may not be compatible with different hair types

Although pricier than other hot roller brands, the Infiniti Pro by Conair is packed with useful features that you can use to your advantage.

I personally love that this product infuses argan oil with each roller. Say goodbye to frizz and hello to shiny, conditioned hair.

This hot roller set also heats up fast - in fact, it boasts instant heat for 2 minutes.

If you’re worried about the temperatures, you will be pleased to know that the Infiniti Pro is proud about their 12 different temperature settings.

And last but definitely not the least interesting part about this product is that it has 20 ceramic rollers in 3 different sizes.

For those of you who would love to achieve various looks using a selection of hot roller sizes, this is the ultimate set for you.


  • Easy to use design
  • Has 12 temperature settings
  • Easily heats up
  • Argan oil infusionmakes hair shiny and well conditioned; no-frizz
  • Compatible with all hair types


  • Price is on the higher end of the market
  • Limited variety of roller sizes compared to other brands
  • Complicated to use for some people

The Remington Roller Set is the most pocket friendly option on this list. 

But it being affordable doesn't mean it has less to offer.

Similar to the Calista Tools Hot Roller set, the Remington rollers also uses Ion technology with its ceramic rollers, ensuring a beautiful shiny finish.


On each roller, you can find a Ready Dot. This dot lights up when the roller is hot enough for use.

The rollers also have a Cool Touch End, so you can use your rollers with ease without worrying about getting burned. Comfort clips are also included to keep your rollers in place.

If you consider yourself a klutz and would like to use a hot roller without the fear of possibly getting burned, the Remington roller is the best set for your safety.


  • Affordable price
  • ​Heat-sensitive functions
  • Ready Dot function for safe usage
  • Features a Cool Touch End to avoid getting burned
  • Includes comfort clips to keep rollers in place


  • ​Limited heat control
  • Lesser rollers compared to other brands
  • Features are not focused on hair roller effectivity
  • Does not include a wide variety of roller sizes

The Caruso ION Steam Hairsetter is perhaps your one stop shop for getting the curling job done right.

Compared to other hot roller sets, this Caruso set is ready to go with you on your next vacation strip.

Compact and comes with a carrying case, this is all you need to get curls while you’re away from home.


The great thing about this hot roller set is that despite it being compact, it has all the features comparable to other hot roller sets on this list. It also boasts that it produces 3 times more heat than other brands.

However, one thing that seems to put off other people from buying this product is the clicking sound it makes when producing ions, or when another function comes up. Otherwise, this is still the best option for users who are always on the road.


  • Portable; meant for travel
  • ​More steam compared to other hot rollers
  • Comes with a carrying case


  • Noisy during setup period
  • ​Limited number and sizes of rollers
  • Not sustainable for long term use

Other Notes

Before choosing a hot roller set, make sure that it has all the rollers you need to achieve a particular look. Invest in high quality products that will keep you safe from harm and one that will ensure your hair’s safety in the process.

Do You Love Hot Rollers?

I know I do. If you love styling your hair, give these hot rollers a try and see just how many looks you can achieve just by owning a set of your own.

Let us know if you have used any of these brands above and tell us what you think about them. As always, leave a comment below and we will get back to you soon.

How To Lighten Your Eyes: Apply These 4 Tips To Improve Your Eyes!

A dramatic eye makeup will certainly make heads turn at a party, but it is oftentimes the smaller changes that truly bring out the best features of a person.

Thankfully, there are many simple tricks to achieve a noticeable look; lightening your eyes is one of such simple ways.

Good Health And Bright Eyes

Many people associate bright eyes with good health and fitness. Your eyes can tell people a lot about the lifestyle that you have. Your colleagues will know if you have been sleeping less, because your eyes may be red or unclear.

Bright Eyes

In the same way, people can also tell if you have been taking care of yourself. Appearances aside, bright eyes also mean that you’re not only beautiful on the outside, but on the inside as well. It is no wonder bright eyes are attractive for many people.

But what happens if you haven’t been taking care of yourself as you should have been? There are also some ways on how to achieve this look. Below are tips on how to lighten your eyes:

1. Change Your Diet


There is no other sustainable way to lighten eyes than to have a healthier lifestyle. Incorporate more leafy green vegetables into your diet and eventually, you will see a great change in the condition of your eyes. Vitamin A is also known to lighten eyes and improve vision as well.

Apart from changing your diet, avoid smoking and drinking too much alcohol. Notice how heavy smokers tend to have clouded or yellowish eyes. This tip isn’t just about achieving a healthier look, having bad vices such as smoking could eventually lead to vision loss.

2. Use Makeup


Makeup never fails to surprise. With a few simple strokes and some specialized cosmetic products, you can easily manipulate the look you want to achieve. Below are some helpful tricks on how to lighten your eyes with makeup:

  • Apply some highlighter around the corner of your eyes
  • ​Use a nude eyeliner on your waterline
  • ​Groom, shape and line your eyebrows
  • Use an under eye concealer

3. Try Using Honey

You may have heard that honey can help in lightening your eyes naturally.

What most people don’t know is that not all kinds of honey will work for this purpose.

Organic raw honey alone will not help.

But when diluted with water, it is said to be show results after a few weeks of use.


Organic raw honey contains hydrogen peroxide, and water is needed to activate it. This is the reason why diluting honey is important. If you are looking to lighten eyes the natural way, you may consider following the steps below:

  • Distill water to make it germ free and safe to use for your eyes.
  • ​Dilute the raw honey with warm distilled water with 1:1.5 honey and water ratio.
  • ​Place mixture into an eyedropper. Use 1-3 drops onto eyes daily.
  • Keep away from sunlight and warm places.

4. Change Your Eye Color With Contact Lenses

One great way to experiment with eye color temporarily is to use contact lenses.

There are plenty of colors and even designs to choose from.

Believe it or not, there are even contact lenses that make your pupils look bigger, making your eyes appear brighter and more vivid.

Contact Lenses

Although more likely used for cosmetic purposes, remember to treat contact lenses with care. Follow proper hygiene to avoid eye infection and other related damages that are caused by improper care for contact lenses. Also be wary about shops that sell cheaper grade contacts.

Other Options

Let’s face it - changing your diet and lightening eyes with honey may be healthy, but it does take a lot of time.

Using makeup every day can quickly become tiring and time consuming. Is there any other permanent way to achieve this look without having to spend much time?

Undergoing Surgery

If you are looking to dramatically change your eye color, eye color surgery may be the best solution for you. Just like Lasik eye surgery, this surgery also uses a laser technology to successfully change one’s eye color.

Laser technology may sound very daunting and an eye surgery may seem scary, but a Stroma procedure is actually a safe and very fast outpatient procedure.

Vision First

Changing or lightening eye color for cosmetic purposes is not necessarily a bad idea, especially if it is a motivation for your to change your lifestyle.

Because your eyes are an important part of your body and are used for daily activities, it is best to choose a safe option to lighten eye color.

Prioritize the safety of your eyes first before deciding on a particular option. After all, there are plenty of other safe and simple ways (such as makeup) to help you achieve that look.

Do You Know How To Lighten Eyes?

Share your thoughts with the community about lightening or changing eye color. Have you considered doing it before? Or have you had surgery? Share your stories with us by commenting down below.

4 Tips On How To Get Rid Of Black Lines On Nails

Are black lines showing through from under your fingernails? Seeing those lines may be quite unsettling and may even cause you to worry about your health. This is because those black lines may be a sign of a serious disease - or they may just be very dirty fingernails.

You may want to get your health checked and see if there are any other underlying symptoms, just in case. But if you are confident that it is just simply the result of poor hygiene, allow me to introduce you to some simple tips on how to get rid of those black lines on your nails.

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The Five Best Titanium Flat Irons for 2018

Your hair in its most natural state is very versatile. You can wear it in its natural wavy or curly state or with the help of the best flat iron to provide you with a sleek, shiny and bone straight hairstyle. And for that frizz free and sleek look, you need the best titanium flat iron.

How to Choose the Best Titanium Flat Iron

Flat irons made with titanium plates are very efficient when it comes to straightening hair. With the ability to reach very high temperatures these types of flat irons will make the most hard to straighten hair, sleek and frizz free.

Titanium also allows for a more even heat distribution which provides you with results that are shinier and healthier. But there are any different types of titanium flat irons on the market. So how do you go about choosing the best titanium flat iron?​

1. Consider the Width of the Plate

Flat irons come in a range of sizes from ½ inch to 3 inches wide. The average flat iron has a plate that is 1 inch wide. This is a good size plate for pretty much every hair type and length. If your hair is extremely long you may want to get a flat iron with a wider plate.

2. Consider the Shape

Your flat iron can be very versatile in that it cannot only straighten but also can create waves and curls.

You will find that some flat irons have rounded edges and these are the types that offer the versatility to achieve a number of different styles.

Those flat irons that have straight edges can put kinks in your hair so for a smoother finish you will want to go with a rounded edge flat iron.

3. Consider the Temperature

You will find some flat irons don’t allow you the opportunity to adjust the temperature. This is not safe for your hair so you want to choose a flat iron that allows you the ability to adjust the temperature.

4. Consider the Warranty

This is especially important if you are planning on purchasing a high end flat iron. You will typically find flat irons with a one year warranty but it is important to check and ensure that the one you choose really does so that your purchase is protected in the event that something does go wrong.

What Are The Advantages/Benefits Of A Titanium Flat Iron?

Flat irons made with titanium plates are very efficient when it comes to straightening hair. With the ability to reach very high temperatures these types of flat irons will make the most hard to straighten hair, sleek and frizz free.

Titanium also allows for a more even heat distribution which provides you with results that are shinier and healthier. But there are any different types of titanium flat irons on the market. So how do you go about choosing the best titanium flat iron?

1. Easy to Use

Made with titanium plates, these flat irons are lighter and so easier to handle.

2. Durability

Though the metal is lightweight it is very durable and strong. As a matter of fact it is titanium that is used in the building of aircrafts so you know it is very strong. You will find that the plates themselves will outlive the rest of the flat iron.

3. Excellent heat transfer

This refers to the time it takes for the flat iron to transfer heat from the plates to your hair strands. Titanium heats a lot faster, faster than other types of metals used in flat irons. This is one of the reasons you need to choose a flat iron with a means for adjusting the temperature especially if you have fine hair.

4. Easy to care

You don’t need to go into any rigorous cleaning for your flat iron but you will find that it is quite easy to clean off product build up off of a titanium iron. A damp washcloth can be used to clean your titanium flat iron easily and effectively, just remember to never clean it while it is plugged in.

What's The Best Way To Use A Flat Iron?

Before using your flat iron, the first thing you want to do is prep your hair with a heat protecting product. You can find a number of these products on the market.

You can use a single heat protectant product or you can use a line of products starting with a shampoo and completely follow a full regime prior to applying any heat to your hair.

If you go the route of starting off with shampooing you will need to dry your hair to some extent prior to using a flat iron. This is true even for those irons that are designed to work on wet hair.

Once your hair is no longer soaking wet you can proceed to sectioning it and going through with the flat iron until you reach your desired level of straightness.

Top Five Titanium Flat Iron Reviews​

**Below, you'll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.


The Croc Classic Nano-Titanium flat iron is made with high quality materials such as pure titanium plates provide ultimate straightening performance.

This flat iron from Croc will provide you with 6 times the shine thanks to the turbo ion generator which produces 6 times the negative ions than you will find in other Nano-titanium flat irons.

An infrared shield and a negative ion shower are two features you won’t find in any other flat iron on the market making this one from Croc a very unique item.

This flat iron will rejuvenate hair and reduce damage thanks to the negative ion shower feature and the infra-red shield feature. Using a digital display you can adjust the temperature anywhere between 280 degrees Fahrenheit to 450 degrees Fahrenheit making it ideal for use on all hair types from super fine to coarse.

With plates measuring 1.5 inches it is a bit larger than your typical flat iron providing you more surface area to straighten more hair at a time and can speed up the entire process especially on harder to straighten hair.

Made with great grip you will love that the iron will grip your hair so that there is excellent contact between the hair and the straightening iron to ensure better results.

The unit has a downside of an error message. This will pop up on the digital display but this can be easily fixed by resetting the flat iron. To do this you simply turn the unit off, unplug it from the wall and allow it at least 10 seconds before restarting.

Hold down the high button for five seconds, power off and then power on again and now you are ready for straightening again.


  • Pure titanium plates
  • One of a kind infrared shield and a negative ion shower technologies
  • Temperatures up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Digital display for adjusting temperature and unit control
  • Large 1.5 inch plates suitable for straightening more hair at a time
  • Easy to use thanks to its unique “open croc jaw” shape


  • Frequent error message


If you have super fine or damaged hair you will love the fact that this flat iron not only has Nano technology but also starts at a low temperature of 170 degrees Fahrenheit.

It has one setting for super fine hair and also has a setting for color damaged hair. Those with coarser hair that is hard to manipulate will love that this flat iron from Kipozi has a top temperature of 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

Nano technology ensures you will end up with smooth frizz free results after using this straightener on your hair. The rounded edges and floating plates on the Kipozi 1 inch titanium flat iron can also help to give your hair bouncy and voluminous curls.

This model is a dual voltage model making it great for traveling, so long as you remember to bring a compatible adapter on your trip. The flat iron is easy to use thanks to its 360 degree swivel cord, the auto off feature and the lock feature which is manipulated by sliding the screen.

The flat iron automatically locks after three seconds to keep your selected temperature locked as you complete straightening your hair. Your purchase of this flat iron includes a velvet carrying/storage pouch along with your flat iron and manual.


  • Temperature range of 170 to 450 degrees
  • Nano technology ensures smooth frizz free results
  • Rounded edges and floating plates gives hair bouncy and voluminous curls
  • Dual voltage model making it great for traveling
  • 360 degree swivel cord
  • Auto off feature
  • Auto lock feature
  • Purchase includes carrying/storage pouch


  • Not suitable for super coarse hair types


The Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium plated flat iron is made with pure titanium plates and is charged with negative ions. These two features allow this flat iron to provide the smoothest results with no frizz and also makes it safe to use the flat iron for daily use.

The flat iron is equipped with curved edges which allow it the ability to curl your hair as well when you are ready to style your straightened hair. Made with a narrow housing this flat iron is suitable for those with short and mid length hair.

The plates are just an inch wide but are 5 inches in length which help to improve the straightening speeds. This hair tool is easy to handle due to its slim design so it will not prove to be too fatiguing on your hand.

With the ability to reach temperatures of up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit this can be used to make even the coarsest hair pin straight.


  • Smooth, no frizz results thanks to the pure titanium plates with nano-technology
  • Can straighten as well as can curl hair
  • Great for all hair types and lengths
  • Slim design makes it easy to use without fatiguing your hand
  • Leaves hair with unbelievable amounts of shine
  • Can heat up to 450 degrees
  • Safe on hair even with daily use


  • No auto shut off mode
  • Not so good for curling thicker hair types


The Xtava Sleek & Shiny Flat iron toolkit gives you value for money with this set featuring two titanium flat irons. One size is suitable for regular use and the other is great for smaller sections of hair such as bangs and even ideal for shorter hair.

Also included in your purchase is a heat resistant travel case. The 1 inch flat iron you can adjust the temperature between 300 and 450 degrees Fahrenheit at 50 degree increments. The mini flat iron is preset to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Rapid heat technology enables you to get your hair straight from the first pass. The 60 minute auto shut off ensures that you will not have to worry about ever forgetting to turn off the unit. Swivel cord goes 360 degrees so the unit is easy to use and maneuver without tangling the cord.

The dual voltage technology makes this flat iron duo great for travel as it will automatically adjust to the correct voltage when plugged in to a compatible adapter.

Will straighten as well as create beautiful waves in your hair with just the flick of a wrist as you run the flat iron through your hair


  • Two flat irons for the price of one
  • Up to 450 degrees on main flat iron
  • Mini flat iron is preset to 400 degrees
  • Straighten hair at first pass with rapid heat technology
  • 60 minute auto shut• Swivel cord goes 360 degrees
  • Dual voltage technology
  • Great for travel
  • Straightens and creates waves


  • The mini flat iron has a preset for 400 degrees Fahrenheit


The Moroccan Hit 1.75 inch titanium flat iron is equipped with wide 1.75 inch floating plates this flat iron from Moroccan Hit will provide more hair coverage and allow for faster straightening along with a more salon quality look and feel to your hair in the end.

You will love the LCD display that the flat iron comes equipped with which provides clear view and control of temperature which ranges from 265 to 445 degrees Fahrenheit.

The auto shut off feature is a great safety feature for those of us who tend to be in a hurry and may forget to turn the unit off before rushing out. With the ability to generate ionic infrared heat this flat iron will create a frizz free straight and sleek finished look while locking in moisture to keep your hair hydrated and healthy.

The cool touch grip tip ensures that you will never burn your hands while straightening your hair and means a tighter clamp which will mean even better distribution of the heat. The Moroccan Hit 1.75 inch flat iron comes with a one year 100% satisfaction guarantee.


  • Wide 1.75 inch floating plates provides more hair
  • LCD display
  • Temperature range from 265 to 445 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Auto shut off
  • Create a frizz free style thanks to ionic infrared heat
  • Cool touch grip tip
  • One year 100% satisfaction guarantee


  • 30 day return policy


The task of finding the right flat iron can be a tricky one. A titanium flat iron is the best choice for heat styling your hair while protecting it. We have taken a look at five of the best titanium flat irons on the market above. Each of them have their strengths but among the best titanium flat irons we would like to recommend the Croc Classic Nano-Titanium flat iron as the best.

The Croc Classic Nano-Titanium flat iron is designed to be easy to use and proves to not provide fatigue of the hand due to its design. This flat iron features not only Nano technology and titanium plates but also negative ion shower and infrared shield which help to protect hair and rejuvenate it whilst it is being styled.

The flat iron comes in at an affordable price that you may not expect since it is so technologically advanced when compared to other flat irons on the market. This is the only flat iron on the market which currently carries these features making it a truly unique flat iron. It heats up quickly and distributes heat quickly and evenly to the hair strands.

Can You Dye Wet Hair? 4 Things You Must Know About Hair Dye!

Ready for a new makeover that’s easy on the budget? Dyeing your own hair is one pocket-friendly way to achieve a dramatic transformation.

The only problem is, how do you begin? Dyeing your own hair for the first time can raise so many questions. Perhaps one of the most controversial questions of all is, “Can you dye wet hair?”

If you’ve been researching on the internet for hair dyeing tips, you’d have noticed the varying advice beauty gurus tell you.

Some beauty tutorials claim that dyeing your hair when damp can help absorb hair color more effectively. But wait a minute, didn’t the instructions say to blow dry your hair first?

When dealing with something as sensitive as your hair and scalp, it’s best to ask professionals for beauty advice instead. Surprisingly, you’ll also find that there is no true answer to “can you dye wet hair?” – even if you ask the pros. It really depends on the situation, here’s why:

1. The Brand Of Hair Dye​

The Brand Of Hair Dye​

​Different name brands have individual rules when using their dye.

Companies like Manic Panic, Special Effects and Directions actually recommend that you dye your hair when wet; while other brands clearly state that you should not wash your hair before dyeing.

There is no finite universal rule regarding dyeing your hair wet or dry.

Why is that? Take a look at the type of hair dye you have. If it is the permanent type, instructions will most likely say that you should not wash your hair before dyeing.

On the other hand, semi-permanent dyes are tolerant to wet hair. Our best advice is to follow instructions to the T.

2. How Different Types Of Dye Work​

Most permanent hair dyes contain peroxide, a stronger form of chemical which helps the color last longer.

Companies offering these types of hair dye strongly recommend that you do not wash your hair.

This is because you’d need the natural oil of your hair to protect your scalp from such chemicals.

How Different Types Of Dye Work​

Semi-permanent dyes do not contain peroxide. They also have larger pigment molecules. In order to absorb more color, you may want to open up the cuticles of your hair. This can be done by shampooing your hair, as well as applying heat.

Next time you’re out shopping for hair dye products, consider the components of each product. If you are not comfortable with such chemicals, there are plenty of other products to choose from such as natural hair dyes and henna.​

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3. Your Hair’s Natural Oil​

Your hair’s natural oil protects your scalp from chemicals, but it is also important to note that a lot of oil inhibits hair color uptake.

The same rule applies for all other types of hair products such as mousse or gel. If you feel that your hair is too oily or dirty, give it a wash before dyeing.

If your chosen brand of hair dye prefers that you dye your hair without washing, leave your hair for at least 24 hours after washing. Although the rules say not to wash your hair, having too oily or dirty hair can also lead to unsatisfactory results.​

4. You Hair Type​

Can you dye wet hair? We found out that yes, there are some circumstances wherein you can. But another factor that comes into play is your hair type. If you have relatively healthy and smooth hair, application is no longer a problem for you. But what happens if you have thick and coarse hair?

Some hair color companies even say that if you have long, thick hair you might need 2 boxes of hair dye. The key is to study your hair type and to find a method that works for you.

Some professionals recommend dyeing hair that is a bit damp (not dripping wet) especially for people with coarse hair.​

This allows the hair dye solution to saturate evenly on your hair without having to use too much product. Applying to hair that’s a bit damp also smoothens out the application process. Check out this video for more information.

​Which Advice Should You Follow?

There are a lot of hair dyeing advice out there that may have varying opinions. The best advice is to simply know your own hair, and to follow official instructions from your chosen product. After all, it is our own responsibility to look after our own hair.

Not only is it important to pay attention to hair dye product companies, results always vary depending on the person’s hair type.

What may work for others will not work for you. It’s easier to play safe and follow the rules than to mess up just because of some beauty myth.​

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