Best Acrylic Nail Kit To Get Top Quality Salon Results At Home

You can get your nails done at home with the best acrylic nail kit. They offer you an easy and affordable way to keep yourself dolled up and provide you all the features you would get from a full set at the salon. You will find these kits offer you an easy to apply solution to doing your nails in the comfort of your home. 


How to Choose The Best Acrylic Nail Kit


When you are considering the purchase of any acrylic nail kit you must consider how much expertise you have in the area of applying and working with acrylic. If you have a lot of experience having worked as a nail technician or assistant then you can choose a more advanced kit with special accessories and liquids. However if you are less experienced and are just getting started or need to practice then you want to choose starter kits made for beginners.
You will find a lot of easy to use kits from beginner kits to professional kits. You just need to know your needs prior to making your purchase and purchase based on your needs. There are many of these nail kits on the market though so you want to ensure that you have the best acrylic nail kit that your money can buy. Plus these kits are a great way to save money while teaching yourself a trade. If you like enough you could get certified and even start your own nail salon even. But you want the best set because you don’t want to damage your nails. 

  • Components – the best acrylic nail kit comes with everything you need to get your nails in the best shape. They will have the basic such as nails, nail primer, acrylic powder, acrylic nails, cutting and filing tools, various size brushes, buffing block and cuticle oil. There will be kits that have extras such as decorations for the nails including stickers and rhinestones and some may even come with a practice finger for you to get accustomed to using the kit with before you start on yourself. 
  • Price – these kits of course come in a wide range of price options. You can definitely find something you can afford within your price range and even if you are on a budget acrylic kits aren’t that expensive anyway. Purchasing a kit with everything will also save you money than if you were to purchase each item separately. 

Advantages Of Best Acrylic Nail Kit

Saves you Money – just think about all the money you will save per month when you don’t have to go to the nail salon. Add up what it costs you each month to get your nails done and see how many acrylics nail kits you can buy with that money? Much more than you could every use in a year. Save yourself some money by purchasing the best acrylic nail kit and do your nails yourself at home. 

How to Use Your Acrylic Nail Kit at Home 

If you are considering doing your nails at home you don’t have to be a professional. The best kits come with instructions but just in case you get a kit without some, here are the basics for using your acrylic kit at home. 

Prepare The Nails

You want to do a little manicure action and get your nails prepped. Clean your nails and cut and file them smooth. Get rid of any unwanted product or oil as well as cuticles to give the nail glue a better chance to stick to your nail and to the fake nail.

Select The Appropriate Nail Tip

These kits will come with a variety of nail tips in different sizes and may also have different types as well. Select the tips and check the size fits the appropriate nail that you match it with. Lay them out in the order of your nails once you have found all the matches. 

Attach Tips To Your Nail

Spread a small amount of glue to the inside of the tip and hold the tip to your nail for a couple seconds. You want to hold it close to your cuticle so you get the best possible fit. In a couple seconds it should be secure enough so that you can go on to the next finger. 


Cut The Tip

Once you have added tips to all your fingers you can now go ahead and cut them to the length you prefer.

Apply Acrylic

This will require you to read the included instructions or maybe watch a YouTube video for the best results. You want to apply the acrylic smoothly even though you will be filing the nails flat in a later step. Ensure you always start the acrylic a couple millimeters above your cuticle. 

Shape Nail

When your acrylic mixture is all dry on your nail then you can go ahead and shape the nail. Here is where you can buff away any imperfections you had made in the previous step. 


Now you can finish up your nails with your favorite polish and even add stickers and decals to make that final touch. 

Top Five Acrylic Nail Kit Reviews

1. 28 in 1 Combo Set Professional Acrylic Liquid Nail Art Set Review


This acrylic kit is a professional set that comes with 28 different items. Though this is labeled as a professional item it can still be used in the home to do your own nails. The set comes at a very affordable price for what you get with the kit.

As a matter of fact it is one of the largest kits on the market when you look at the competition. It comes with a range of acrylic powders along with a number of nail art items to include decals, stickers and rhinestones. 


  • Affordable 
  • One of the largest kits you will find
  • Many different acrylic powders
  • Nail art products, stickers and rhinestones included with purchase
  • Good for home use
  • Great for professional use


    • No drying fan included 

    2. Warm Girl 36 Acrylic Kit Review

    This little set comes with a whopping 18 different acrylic powder colors. It also includes nail art pens and 3 large bottles of pink, clear and white acrylic – the major acrylic powder colors. The package includes a dappen dish and a lot of acrylic nail tips to get you started doing nails at home. Included in the lot are 6 glitter powders and a 75 ml bottle of acrylic liquid.

    There is also a primer, 5 acrylic brushes, a buffer block, small cleaning brush and a sanding file. There are 12 rhinestones in a variety of colors and 12 nail art stickers of varied patterns. There is also a curved tweezers and you get three nail glues. There is also a pump dispenser which is most often used for acetone along with a cuticle revitalizer oil and a practice finger. 


    • 36 items included in acrylic kit
    • Multiple colors of acrylic powder included
    • Glitter acrylic including
      5 brushes included
    • Practice finger included
      500 clear tips
    • Great value for money


    • Only clear tips included: no white and no natural looking tips
    • You don’t get to choose colors included 

    3. 21 in 1 Nail Art Set Review

    Here is a beginner acrylic nail kit that has all the basic necessities so you can get to have great looking fingers while still saving yourself money by doing them at home. This kit comes with good reviews to provide a positive light on the set and to assure you that you do get what you expect to get in the package.

     Being a beginner set this has just enough of the basic items so you can do your own full set at home. It can also be purchased as a top up for your professional kit if you need to replace some of your items but it would prove to be more expensive if you purchased all these items separately. 


    • Very affordable acrylic nail kit – you will love the price
    • Good online reviews from owners
    • Many items for price providing value for money
    • Great for beginners and professionals alike
    • All basic tools included
    • Bonus nail art items included such as rhinestones


    • Not a brand name item
    • Less nail tips than other kits on the market

    4. Warm Girl Primr Acrylic Tips Kit Review

    This warm girl acrylic nail kit comes complete with the regular color acrylic powder; pink, clear and white as well as three other colors. The package includes the acrylic liquid as well as the dappen dish, cuticle oil, rhinestones, toe separators, nail art, practice finger, nail glue, tweezers, nail art balls to create designs with nail polish, rhinestones, nail tips and so much more.

    This is a very nice little kit as it not only has items for fingers but provides the full lay out for your feet as well. This is the ideal kit for the nail technician just starting out or for someone who is just looking to doing their own nails at home. 


    • Highly inclusive kit
    • Most inclusions you will find in any acrylic nail kit on the market
    • Affordably priced 
    • Great for in home or in salon use by beginners and professionals alike
    • You can get to doing your nails right out of the box as everything you can think of is included 
    • Great combo pack offering superb value for money
    • Can help to strengthen and grow your natural nails 
    • Nail guide sticker forms 


    • The nail tips and buffer may not be to the liking of some while others may be perfectly fine with them

    5. 24 in 1 Combo Professional Acrylic Kit Review


    This is a brand new product complete with all the basic things you would need to do your at home acrylic nails. It is a great little set for beginners and professionals alike and includes 24 high quality nail items. It is priced at an affordable price offer great value for money to the user.

    This nail kit includes your basic acrylic powder colors in clear, white and pink as well as 6 other acrylic powder colors and another 6 glitter acrylic powders as well. Colors are sent randomly and allow you the opportunity to cater to all your creative juices.

    Included with your purchase of this kit are 50 white French nail tips, 50 transparent nail tips, reusable nail forms, a cuticle pusher, buffer block, curved tweezers, cleaning brush, toe separator, sanding file, practice finger, nail glue and a cutter. 


    • Great price for what you get in the kit
    • Good reviews can be found online
    • Excellent value for money
    • Great beginner kit
    • Good for professional use
    • High quality nail products


    • You don’t get to choose the acrylic powder colors and glitter colors



    You can get salon quality nails right in the comfort of your home. You get this by purchasing nothing less than the best acrylic nail kit your money can buy. You want to choose a kit that is affordable and offers value for money. You also want to choose a kit that is made with high quality materials so that your set will last for a good amount of time. You don’t want fingernails breaking and damaging your natural nail underneath so you have to ensure you are getting the best.

    The best options out of your lot today are the Warm Girl Kits. There are two different kit options from this company which are reviewed here. They both offer great value for money and their only difference is with what is included with your purchase. Check out the different offerings and choose which one will be the best for you.

    We guarantee you won’t be sorry about making your purchase if you choose any of the above acrylic nail kits. But alas, you don’t have to take our word for it. Instead go on over to the product page and see what consumers are saying about the product and in so doing decide for yourself if it is what you need. 

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