Best Facial Steamer – Top Five Count Down

If you are considering for a salon quality way to steam your face at home then we have the best facial steamer reviews right here for you. With an at home facial steamer you can save money while still giving your skin the care it needs. Give your skin a healthy glow; open your pores and get rid of toxins with a facial steamer.


Tips For A good Way The Best Facial Steamer

When you choose a facial steamer you can use in your home, you get a unit that generates steam onto your face. Most steamers have the same basic design but some have a number of features and even some with customizable features even. So how do you know if you are a good way the best facial steamer?

Consider the Price

You can find a plethora of facial steamers costing less than $100. High end models will cost upwards of $200. If this will be your first in home steamer you may want to go ahead and purchase a more affordable steamer. When considering more of a sauna like model then you will expect to purchase something that is more expensive.

Consider Features

Most facial steamers offer just a basic amount of features and are very simple to use. Higher end models will have a variety of functionalities include cool steam cycles, timers and programs for different types of facial treatments. The more features, the more you can expect to pay.

Consider Efficiency 

Some facial steamers take just a couple seconds to warm up while others can take up to a few minutes. If you tend to always be strapped for time you may want to purchase a model that will heat up quickly.

Consider Warranty

You can purchase your facial steamer online or in a retail store close to home. No matter where you purchase you should always consider and check for a warranty. You also want to check return policies for the device from where you purchase it so that if anything goes wrong you are protected. When you have an understanding of what is offered by the policies and warranties that you are getting you can make a more confident purchase.

What Are The Advantages/Benefits Of Facial Steamers?

1. Cleanse Pores – one of the core contributing factors to having breakouts of acne is clogged pores. Clogged pores can lead to not just acne but also to severe irritation of the skin and not mention infection. The use of a steamer for your face is one of the best ways to ensure you are cleansing your pores.

Cleansing your pores is good even if you don’t have acne breakouts. The steam directed onto your face will cause the pores to open as well as it will soften the skin. This then will allow your skin to release sebum, debris and dirt that would otherwise stay trapped beneath the surface.

Steaming your face can help to get rid of blackheads by softening the plugs found in the pores and allowing them to be released.

2. Another benefit of using a facial steaming device is that after cleansing your pores your skin will now be able to be more receptive to the skincare products you use. Clean and open pores allow products such as serums and masks to be better absorbed by your skin.

3. Improves circulation – When you steam your face, the blood vessels in your face will dilate. This causes more blood to be available to the surface of your skin. When there is more blood flow you will find more oxygen and other nutrients getting to the tissue for your skin. Thereby steaming your skin can help you to get a nice glow afterwards as your dull skin would have been replenished with nutrients and oxygen caused by increased blood flow.

4. Removes toxins – Sweating helps to release toxins and steaming your face with the use of facial steamers will cause your face to sweat. Sweating is your body’s way of releasing toxin. When you remove toxins from your face you can get rid of what is causing imbalance in your skin.

5. Steaming your face can have a calming effect on your body on a whole. Adding essential oils and herbs can provide a mini aromatherapy session even.

​How To Get The Most Out Of Your Facial Steamer

While you can steam your face at home without facial steamers, the use of one makes it a little less hassling and a lot more convenient. Facial steamers are stress-free to use and for most you can give your face a treatment and be done with it in just under 15 minutes from start to finish.

You can make the most of your steamer if you use it as according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Read the instructions and follow them especially the first item you are going to use the unit.

This facial steamer from Kingdom Cares offers a reservoir that is easy to fill and the unit operates with just the push of a button. The unit will provide you with ten minutes of powerful, consistent hot mist. It is designed with a ceramic heating element which is what allows it to offer up that quick start.

The unit can also use tap water thanks to it being made with a UV lamp which sterilizes water before vaporizing it so that only the purest water gets to your face. The unit is designed to be compact so it can easily be stored away when not in use. You will find it available in a total of four different accent colors so you can get one that will go well with your décor.

This steamer is a great choice for anyone who is looking for a multipurpose unit, a unit that will help to clear your skin from acne and impurities. The steamer will also help to soothe your dry skin, dry lips and even your sinuses.

If you choose to purchase this particular facial steamer you will be able to enjoy many days or nights of relaxing facial treatments right in the comfort of your home. You can even get a facial steaming done if you are in a hurry as they unit can run for a short session of 6 minutes.

It has a large capacity water tank so you don’t have to worry about refilling the unit ever so often. This is a high quality item and you must follow the manufacturer’s directions in order to preserve it.


  • Easy to operate
  • Nozzle rotates 360 degrees
  • Affordable
  • Provides spa like facial sauna treatment


  • Short steaming time of 6 minutes
  • Must be cleaned before and after each use

The Krasr 3 in 1 nano ionic warm mist facial steamer is a full powered unit that generates steam in less than 30 seconds. This is a great and affordable unit that will help you to unclog your pores, removes oil, removes dirt and leaves your follicles detoxified and clean.

It will melt away your dead skin cells and will help to get rid of bacteria on the skin to provide a cleaner face. The unit is complete with its 70ml tank and will operate silently for 15 minutes. It is backed by a customer satisfaction money back guarantee and you are allowed to return the item within 30 days of purchase for a full refund no questions asked.

This unit is designed with a built in towel warming system to improve your overall experience using the unit and give a more spa like effect as well. It has the basic facial steamer design and is easy to use. The water receptacle is easy to remove and replace so you can move quickly and effortlessly to use this facial steamer.


  • Quick start up – gets heated under 30 seconds
  • Affordable
  • Large 70 ml tank capacity
  • 15 minute run time for a quick facial


  • If you want to run the unit for longer than 15 minutes you will have to restart the session after the first 15 minutes

The Kinga nano ionic facial steamer allows you the means to start with your first steamer to use in your home. If you are on a budget and looking for a facial steamer to use in your home you will like the Kinga Nano ionic facial steamer. It is a very feature rich product with a switch that allows you to add ionic particles.

The Kinga nano ionic facial steamer uses an advanced ultrasound system that will help ensure that dead skin cells are removed efficiently. The unit will run at 15 minutes per session and will heat up in less than 30 seconds with a powerful and consistent mist.

Included with your purchase of the Kinga Nano Ionic steamer is a bonus kit that includes5 piece surgical grade blemish and blackhead extractor kit. These are the same types of tools used by skincare specialists to help remove skin impurities in a bid to reveal better looking skin. You can use these to compliment your steaming sessions with the Kinga Nano steamer.


  • Gets the water hot real fast
  • Provide powerful and consistent mist
  • Can work as a humidifier
  • Penetrates the skin barrier
  • Promotes the absorption of nutrients
  • Promotes the regeneration of collagen


  • 10 minute steaming time
  • Cannot use tap water so you will always have to have distilled water

This is a great option for anyone who is looking for an affordably priced facial steamer that has the features of higher ends ones. You can purchase a good quality unit without making a huge investment to test the waters of at home facial steaming.

This unit features ultra-fine nano steam which is great for getting rid of grime on your skin as well as to clean out whiteheads and blackheads. This device will help you to get the results you want without expensive and abrasive peels and facials. The unit will run a steaming session up to 10 minutes and the facial steamer offers a warranty of one year from the original purchase.

The Secura Nano iconic facial steamer provides you with hot steam that is micro fine which can be easily and readily absorbed into the skin. This unit will open and unclog your pores allowing you to get rid of sebum and dirt that is trapped in your skin.

This is will provide a great alternative to chemical peels and scrubs which may be harsh on your skin. You will be happy to know that this facial steamer also doubles as a humidifier in a highly efficient and powerful way.


  • Affordably priced
  • Can also serve as a humidifier
  • One year warranty included


  • Chemical smell upon first use
  • Cannot use tap water so you will always have to have distilled water

This is just another of the best facial steamers out there that you can get your hands on at an affordable price. The Ivation ultrasonic freestanding wall powered micro fine ionic steamer is a very efficient steamer. It steams up quickly after you start and will generate full jets of steam in less than 30 seconds.

It works with an unconventional ultrasonic atomizer works effectively and silently while producing a consistent and powerful mist. You can use the unit as both a facial steamer as well as a humidifier for your home as well. When you use this model from Ivation you will find the difference in your skin after the first steaming session.

After using this unit for a while you will notice a marked difference in your skin in both the way it feels and the way it looks. The UV lamp inside the unit ensures that steam that goes onto your face is completely y safe and pure. We recommend this unit as a great starter unit and for you to get an inclination of how steaming your face at home can be a great benefit to you.


  • Quick start up under 30 seconds
  • Capable to provide aromatherapy
  • Can use with tap water thanks to embedded UV lamp which sterilizes steam
  • AffordableSpace saving design


  • No cool mist option as advertised


It can be a hard task to purchase anything these days and finding the best facial steamer will be no different. That is why we put together this guide for you. We have included some of the best facial steamers on the market. However if none of these appeal to you, you can take our advice on how to choose the best steamer and find one that serves your needs.

If you are still indecisive about the options we gave you above and want us to narrow it down for you even further. We got you! Get the Krasr 3 in 1 large iconic facial steamer. It provides you with great value for money and you won’t regret your purchase.

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