Best Hair Dryer With Diffuser

Best Hair Dryer with Diffuser

So you have voluminous hair and you need the best hair dryer with diffuser to help you keep frizz at bay. You are in the absolute right place to find just that. And if you don’t want any of the five we have included here, you can always use our guide to help you purchase the best hair dryer with diffuser for your needs.


How to Choose The Best Hair Dryer With Diffuser

How do you know if you are choosing the best hair dryer with diffuser? Here are some things you should consider when making your choice.


Dryers with ionic technology send out negative ions onto your hair. The ions in water are positively charged so when the negative ions from the ionic dryer hits the hair shafts it moves the water droplets away so that they don’t soak into the shaft of your hair. This in turn prevents frizz and also increases the speed at which your hair will dry.

The technology allows the air from the dryer to close the hair cuticles while removing moisture from your hair. This provides you with the resulting hair looking more polished and sleek when completed dry.

Dryers with this technology have their insides coated with semi-precious mineral or have their insides made from the mineral. If your hair is thick, frizzy and slow to dry you will benefit the most from dryers that use this technology.

Cool Air 

You want a dryer that has a cool air setting or a cool shot button. This will help to lock in your style while adding shine to your hair. Also it helps to cool down your hair and helps to prevent heat damage.

Adjustable Heat & Speed 

 You want a dryer that allows you an opportunity to adjust the heat and speed settings so you can prevent damage to your hair.

Advantages Of The Best Hair Dryer With Diffuser

Best Hair Dryer with Diffuser

There are many advantages of using a hair dryer with a diffuser. Here are just a couple reasons you will be happy you decided to purchase a hair dryer with diffuser.

  • Provide you with frizz free hair
  • ​​Can add volume and body to your hair
  • Leaves hair light and bouncy
  • Distributes air more extensively onto the hair strands
  • Does not damage hair

Using A Hair Dryer With Diffuser On Your Curly Hair

Best Hair Dryer with Diffuser

The hair diffuser is an attachment you put on to the end of your hair dryer. The holes on the diffuser allow air to come through while grabbing and holding on to your hair. Here are the steps to using your hair dryer with diffuser to create shiny frizz free hair.

1. Shampoo and condition your hair with your preferred products

2. Add an anti-frizz product of your choice to your hair

3. Add your usual hair styling products

4. Place the diffuser securely into place onto the hair dryer

5. Turn the hair dryer on with low speed and low heat engaged

6. Hold the diffuser to the top of your head to get the roots of your hair dry first

7. Once your hair roots are relatively dry you can start drying the rest of your hair

8. Use the diffuser to catch the hair and take it towards your scalp, holding it in place for a couple seconds at a time as you try ​​​​to dry your entire head of hair

9. Repeat until hair is almost completely dry

10. Then change to the cool setting and finish off drying your hair

11. Add products for shine to your hair if needed

12. If you want more volume you can flip your hair over and use the motion in step 8 to further add volume to hair

Our Review

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If you love value for money you will definitely love this purchase since you not only get a dryer with a diffuser attachment. You also get a hair brush attachment and a nozzle attachment. This hair dryer set promises bouncy and shiny hair that will last long after your drying process is done with.

With advanced ionic technology you get twice the shine of hair dried with a regular dryer without a diffuser. It also increases volume as well. This technology also speeds up your drying time up to 80% so you can get going faster.  The Xtava double shine hair dryer features 3 speed settings and 2 heat settings along with a cool shot setting. 


  • Makes your hair sleek and shiny
  • Provides you with added volume with the diffuser attachment
  • Provides the perfect blowout
  • All attachments you could want are included with purchase
  • Create lift with the brush attachment 
  • Great for daily styling
  • Wont damage your hair 
  • Affordable 
  • Great online customer reviews 
  • Sleek looking 
  • Hanging loop for convenient storage 


  • Loud 

If you like your hair tools to have the best and latest technology then this one is for you. This blow dryer from BERTA features infrared heat and negative ions. These features provide you with hair that is softer, healthier and with a lot less static.

Your purchase of this item comes with a diffuser, a concentrator nozzle and a straightening comb. It comes with a powerful motor with a long lasting lifespan. The motor does not have a commutator nor does it have a brush so you know that it is quite a rugged one that will have a long life expectancy.

With an 8+ foot cord you have enough reach to not be stuck to a wall when using this dryer. It also features a removable lint filter which can be cleaned from time to time to prevent the dryer from sucking in any stray hairs. This also helps increase the lifespan of the dryer.

The dryer comes with a two year warranty for repair and a one year replacement warranty. 


  • 3 attachments included with purchase
  • Professional salon quality tool
  • Negative ionic technology produces shiny hair 
  • Helps to keep your hair healthy
  • Speedy dry time thanks to infrared heat technology
  • Powerful motor
  • High quality motor provides a long lifespan
  • Heats hair evenly 
  • Reduces the risk of hair damage from heat 
  • Quiet motor 
  • Hanging loop for convenient storage 
  • Very good looking design 


  • A number of reviewers reported their dryer overheating 

This dryer from Conair comes with a powerful motor that provides faster drying, a lot less frizz and smooth and silky hair. It features both iconic technology and ceramic technology to help protect your hair while you are heat styling it.

This blow dryer has 2 speed settings and 3 heat settings along with a cool shot option to ensure your hair is always protected. A unique feature of this dryer is its retractable cord. This feature is a very welcome one when you don’t have a lot of space or don’t like cord clutter.

You can retract the cord by pushing the retraction button and the cord will no longer be a problem. This also makes it a great choice for travelling. 


  • Easy to store
  • Retractable cord provides convenience and portability
  • Powerful 1875 watt motor
  • Fast drying times
  • Helps to reduce frizz
  • Ceramic and tourmaline technology makes your hair shiny and frizz free
  • No hot spots so wont damage your hair 
  • Cool shot helps to cool down hair and lock in style 
  • Lint filter can be removed and cleaned to ensure nothing gets stuck in the dryer 
  • Includes extra concentrator attachment 
  • Bright and cheery purple color 


  • The cord retraction button is very sensitive – setting down the dryer on that side would activate the button and cause the cord to retract

As the name suggest this hair dryer from Revlon features an 1875 watt motor. It is designed with triple baked ceramic so that it will always evenly distribute heat over your hair. No hotspots mean your hair will thank you.

The dryer features two speed and heat settings as well as a cool shot setting to provide you with flexibility with your drying and styling needs. The cool shot setting gives you the ability to lock in your style keeping your curls in place and keeping your hair frizz free.

One of the best things about this dryer is just how lightweight it is. This makes it easy to handle and comfortable to use for extended periods which is great if you have longer and thicker hair. The included concentrator and diffuser attachments help you to achieve frizz free hair with silky smooth look and feel. 


  • Triple ceramic allows for safe handling of your hair even on high heat
  • Ionic technology protects hair and imparts shines while speeding up drying 
  • Indicator light to tell when ionic technology is at work 
  • Improves volume and shine of hair 
  • Separate switches to control heat and speed
  • 2 heat settings 
  • 2 speed settings 
  • Separate cool shot button 
  • End cap is hinged
  • Anti-skid bumpers
  • Ultra lightweight up to 25% lighter than the average dryer 
  • Super quiet
  • Super affordable


  • Gets very hot so you have to use with caution especially after prolonged use

This is a top rated hair dryer that uses ceramic technology as well as negative ion technology and infrared technology. It offers up 3 heat settings along with 2 heat settings and is ETL certified.

With proper use this tool can impart professional salon quality hair in the comfort of your home. It can help add shine to your hair while making it healthier and frizz free. With this blow dryer and all the technology it comes with you can find yourself with highly manageable hair. 

The motor is very powerful and along with infrared technology speeds up drying times to 50% faster than traditional dryers. This dryer sports a 9 foot power cord complete with hanging loop for convenient use as well as convenient storage. There is also the cool hair feature to help lock in a style once your hair has completely dried. The plug is ALC safety certified as well for your peace of mind. 


  • Negative ionic technology helps to reduce frizz, also adds shine and locks in moisture to lead to healthier hair
  • With far infrared heat the drier penetrates the hair cuticles from the inside out which helps to reduce hair loss 
  • A double safety net prevents hair from getting sucked into the dryer
  • Removable filter catches hair and lint so you can easily clean 
  • 2 speeds
  • 3 heat settings 
  • 9 foot long cord and hanging loop for convenient storage and ease of use 
  • One year replacement 
  • Two year warranty
  • Plug is ALCI safety certified 
  • Powerful 1875 watt motor
  • Concentrator nozzle included 
  • Instructions included
  • Sleek modern design 


  • Dryer is a bit heavy


We understand that heat styling your hair is something that you just can’t do without. That doesn’t mean your hair should suffer and you can make sure it doesn’t by choosing the best hair dryer with diffuser to get your hair dry and styled without stressing out your tresses. With our guidelines on how to go about choosing a hair dryer with diffuser you should be able to pick out the best one for your budget and the best one for your hair.

There are, without a doubt, a great amount of options on the market when it comes to hair dryers with diffusers. To help you choose we have gone through the trouble to reduce the number down to five so you don’t have to do all that filter work yourself. Any of the above five are great choices.

We highly recommend the BERTA Professional hair dryer. It is a customer favorite with many online reviews on various major retailer websites and so we highly recommend it.

We trust that you can make your purchase of this hair dryer from BERTA in confidence knowing true and well that you won’t regret it. 

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