The Best Home And Commercial Tanning Beds In 2018 –Top Reviews

To maintain the beautiful tan during the entire year is no longer a difficult or an impossible task. Thanks to technology now we can stay tanned during the winter and even during the summer with fewer dangers to the skin that may be caused by too much sun exposure. The solution is, of course, the tanning beds. You can use them in the beauty salon or at your home; I’m going to take a look and test some of them to find the best one available today.


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Most Important Points to Have in Mind Regarding Tanning Beds

To make a right choice when choosing the best home and commercial tanning bed, you should know what makes them different from one another and what properties should the tanning bad have to be considered a good one. A lot of people don’t know how the tanning bed works and what to pay attention to, so I will list all the important things that you should know.

How easy can it be assembled?​

This is important matter for the home users who are coming across tanning beds for the first time. It would be the best if the bed can be assembled by a regular person with no experience by following the instructions included. The quality of the connective elements should also be considered.

The Quantity of Lamps​

The lamps are the main part of the tanning bed and its purpose. The quality of the bed is determined by the quality of the lamps. Usually, the best tanning bed to use in home have from 16 to 32 light bulbs. The number of the bulbsin the bed depends on its length, people taller than six feet will require the bed with at least 28 bulbs. Six feet long bed usually have around 24 lamps.

The lamps can be different; they can emit a variety of UV light. Top quality beds shouldn’t emit UVC rays because they can penetrate the deep layers of the skin. Most of tanning bed bulbs produce large amounts of UVA rays and smaller amounts of UVB rays. UVA rays make the skin getbrown tone, and the UVB rays stimulate melanin and boost its levels.

Surface Size​

The beds can vary based on the surface tanning size, from the basic 16 to much larger surface and bulb number options. Some beds even include the reflectors that can focus UV light produced on the bed’s surface, thus preventing the light to be randomly scattered.

​Design of the Tanning Bed

Tanning beds can be horizontally and vertically positioned by default. Based on the available space you have, choose between the two. Vertical beds are also more hygienic, but you have to stand for the process. Also, vertical ones take up much less space on the floor.

Facial Tanner Built-in​

The skin on the facial area is a pretty difficult part to tan. There are tanning beds that have this feature built-in. They emit alargerportion of UVA rays to the facial area which produces that chocolate tan.

How to Properly Use It?

Before jumping inside and expecting instant results with no side effects, you need to know how you should use the tanning bed correctly. Quality tanning beds will provide you with a nice tan without damages to your skin if you go through some important steps.

When you start, you want to use the bed every other day. Sessions on every second day are enough to maintain a beautiful tanned skin. Don’t tan on the sun and in the tanning machine on the exact same day. If you used the tanning bed at home, and you’re about to go on the beach, make sure you put a sunscreen on.

Precaution Measures​

  • Tanning bed shouldn’t be used for people who are under sixteen. Children and teenagers have a much more sensitive skin to UV light than adults, and they are still growing the layers of it.
  • You have to wear protective goggles all the time. Eyes are sensitive, and exposure to UV rays can damage them. It’s not a rocket science, that’s why the best sunglasses have filters for UV light and they keep the eyes protected from it. They are not expensive, and they won’t create the “panda eyes.” They only cover your eyes and the skin on the face around them will be perfectly tanned.
  • If you don’t be left with tan lines, use the tanning bed naked. But make sure to clean the surface before and after use, especially if you’re not the only one using it.
  • Don’t use lotions which based on tyrosine and tanning accelerators while using a tanning bed. The use of tyrosine is not FDA approved, and you won’t need accelerators with the tanning bed anyway.
  • Sanitize the tanning surface of the machine. Wipe it clean after each use, and reflectors, lamps and the acrylic sheets after every year of use. If you change the lamps, clean the interior after that.

Top 3 Best Home And Commercial Tanning Beds Reviews

Sunfire 16 Deluxe Tanning Bed​

With a somewhat standard design and a few included gadgets, this tanning bed makes a good choice considering its price. It comes pre-assembled so putting it together is not difficult. It’s a horizontal design bed with a black and silver color theme. It has sixteen lamps in the tanning surface, and the facial lamps are included as well, that’s always a plus.

At the area around the head, there’s a built-in audio system to make the process a total relaxation and enjoyment. At the bottom of the bed, a body cooling fan is installed to provide air circulation and to keep the temperature at tolerable levels. The whole thing weighs around 90 pounds, and it’s 81 inches long. The warranty you get is twelve months long.

It has enough room for a bed that has 16 lamps, and the facial tanner works great. The fan helps to make those twenty minutes more pleasurable. The audio system could be better if it’s already included, nothing special about it. The quality of the lamp is good for this kind of a cheap bed, they are not the best one out there, but they do the job fine. The overall quality is good considering its price.

Things I Liked

  • Very low price, crushing the 2k minimum
  • Included body fan to keep you cool
  • Included facial tanner, which is very important to have even tan of the entire body
  • Audio system included
  • Comes pre-assembled
  • Twelve-month warranty

Things I Didn’t Like

  • Audio system is pretty basic

Sunfire 24 Deluxe Tanning Bed

A little bigger option with more lamps, this one includes 24 high-efficiency lamps. It has a cooling fan and a mp3 input that you attach yourself when you assemble it. It has a 15-minute tanning time option. The tanning surface is pretty big, a lot of room for anyone.

Putting it together was easy since it came almost completely assembled. It has facial bulbs included making sure you face is tanned as equal as the rest of your body. The fan is easilyattached, and it cools enough to keep you from overheating. But be careful when using the fan, it may give you a false feeling that you’re not getting sunburnt while you actually are.

​The lamps may cause sunburn if you’re not careful enough. It has only a 15-minute timer, and it’s the only option available. The bed is covered with a warranty that lasts for a year. The price is in the lowest category making this bed one of the cheapest available. The price and quality ratio is good, although some things could be better,but that would increase its price significantly.

Things I Liked

  • 24 high-output lamps
  • Easy to replace bulbs
  • Comes almost completely assembled
  • Included facial tanner
  • Twelve-month warranty
  • Audio system and cooling system included

Things I Didn’t Like

  • The lamps may cause sunburn if you are not careful
  • The fan can make you unaware that you are getting sunburnt

Sunfire 32 Deluxe Tanning Bed

​A bit more to add to the low price tag, this tanning bed is the deluxe option for the low price. It comes 95% pre-assembled so to set it up you will need about only a few minutes. The tanning surface contains 32 Wolff bronzing bulbs, and it’s a pretty big surface, to begin with. The dimensions of the surface are 81x36 inches.

With the packed an audio system is included as well as the body cooling fan. The bed is very energy efficient making the use of it at home much cheaper than going to the salon. The Wolff bronzing bulbs provide pretty quick and noticeable results. It pretty easy to clean and maintain due to the acrylic removal system.

It’s very easy to use for first-timers, and lotions included are great for a start as well. The fan is pretty weak, and you can go even without it, and the speaker is very low quality, better to use your own headphones. The hydraulics of the bed is not of that quality as you have seen in the beauty salons, but they do the job well enough. For this price, everything else would be an upgrade in the category.​

Things I Liked

  • 32 bulbs provide very fast results 
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Large tanning surface
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Free lotion package

Things I Didn’t Like

  • Low-quality speaker and fan
  • Only 12-minute session option

Final Verdict

To make a choice between these three options was more or less an easy task. What I was looking for were fast results, quality build, but for a reasonable price. I didn’t care much for the extras included I just needed something to get the job done.

Which is why I chose Sunfire 32 Deluxe Tanning Bed as the winner of this reviews for the best home and commercial tanning bed. A lot of bulbs that provide fast results and the ease to clean and maintain it plus its low price made it a clear winner of the three​.

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