Your Quick Guide To Buying The Best Hot Roller

If you love vintage hairstyles and have never used hot rollers in your life, you are definitely missing out on something.

As someone who loves to curl her hair, on a regular basis, I would definitely opt for a high quality set of hot rollers hands down.

Although a curling iron is all the rage in the beauty industry nowadays, I often find it to be quite taxing and time consuming.

Perhaps it is a personal preference but after searching online for the opinions of other users, it seems like hot rollers are still number one in hair curling.

Hair rollers are not new. You may have seen your mom, or even your grandma use it as they doll up for special events in the past. Unsurprisingly, it is still used even today - except with more advanced features and an enhanced ease of use.

Reasons Why You Should Invest In A Set Of Hot Rollers

1. It Holds Curls Longer

I don’t know about you but my hair does not do well with curling irons. No matter how long I keep the iron onto my hair, it just doesn’t hold the curl up for as long as I expect it to.

Perhaps it is just the brand of curling iron or the method I used. In the end, it wasn’t for me.


In fact, I have once attended a wedding with my hair curled up with a curling iron. By the end of the ceremony, my hair is back to being straight as a ruler.

This has never happened to me with a hot roller though. With little to no effort at all, hot rollers are able to curl my hair like a pro.

2. It Does Not Take A Lot Of Effort

One thing I do not like about curling irons is the time and effort that is needed just to curl my hair.

Strand after strand, curl after curl - the whole process bores me. This is not ideal at all if I am pressed for time - and knowing me, I do not like to be rushed when getting ready.

The great thing about a hot roller is that I simply twist my hair onto the roller, pin it up and wait.

There is absolutely no need for me to work on strand after strand, making this the tool of choice when I’ve just got less than an hour left to prepare.

3. You Can Multitask

Compared to using a curling iron, hot rollers allows me to do other things rather than curling my hair strands one by one.

I can do my makeup at a glacial pace, choose a dress and matching shoes, and many other things without the stress.


Of course, this has nothing to do with the effectivity of hair curling, but I am always willing to buy more time for preparing myself for a night out.

4. It Heats Up Quickly

Some curling irons take forever to heat up. They’re either not hot enough or scorching hot.

The good thing about hot rollers is that you can expect it to heat up fast, making the hair curling process faster and you can easily estimate how much time you need to keep it up.

5. You Can Achieve Retro Styles Easily

Love the retro looks you see over on Pinterest? Curling irons have always been a mystery to me.

I just can’t get the curls to look the way I want it to be. But with hot rollers? You can’t imagine the countless retro styles you can achieve with ease.

The Top 5 Best Hot Rollers

Looking to purchase a set of hot rollers for yourself soon? The first and most important thing for you to do is to identify which style of curl you want to achieve.

With this in mind, the next thing you need to do is to find out the size of rollers you prefer and the heat settings you need.

There are plenty of sets out there for you to choose from and it can become quite overwhelming shopping for one. With your own personal standards, you are able to narrow down your options.

However, if you are looking to experiment with different looks, there are also sets that come with flexible functions and a variety of roller sizes.

Luckily, I’ve made a list of the top 5 best hot rollers out on the market today. Hopefully, you may find your match through this list and begin your new life with hot rollers.

**Below, you'll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

Calista Tools is a respected brand for hot rollers. With its very simple design and ease of use, it is no wonder that this set is on the top 5 list. 

The great thing about these hot rollers is that it uses state of the art Ion technology that ensures stronger hold for hair styling.

This Ion technology is said to infuse multi-element mineral powders onto each rollers when used. And as the name suggests, the Calista Tools Ion Hot Rollers Short Style Set is also great for people with shorter hair.

It comes with 12 rollers with 2 varying sizes. If you are looking for something simple to get the job done, this set is the best match for you.


  • Simple and easy to use to use
  • Has a lot of rollers


  • Limited sizes of rollers
  • Lesser controls for settings
  • Does not heat up as fast as other brands

The Caruso Molecular Steam Hairsetter isn’t just great because it comes with 30 rollers in varying sizes.

The company boasts its technology called the 30 Second Curl™ - this basically means that hair is blow dried first before the actual curling process.

This technology aims to evaporate moisture in preparation for styling.


​What sets the Caruso Molecular Steam Hairsetter apart from other hot rollers on this list is the fact that this device creates steam to heat rollers.

It is said to be more gentle than and safer for daily use. Just fill up the device with water and with a push of a button, it's already set up.

Caruso also mentions that this product is compatible with all hair types and one can easily achieve beautiful and shiny looking hair.​


  • Features a special technology - the 30 Second Curl™
  • ​Lots of rollers in variable sizes
  • Blow-dried hair effect
  • Uses steam to heat up rollers
  • Gentle on hair and safe for daily use


  • ​Rollers may become too hot
  • Minimal temperature setting controls
  • Method may not be compatible with different hair types

Although pricier than other hot roller brands, the Infiniti Pro by Conair is packed with useful features that you can use to your advantage.

I personally love that this product infuses argan oil with each roller. Say goodbye to frizz and hello to shiny, conditioned hair.

This hot roller set also heats up fast - in fact, it boasts instant heat for 2 minutes.

If you’re worried about the temperatures, you will be pleased to know that the Infiniti Pro is proud about their 12 different temperature settings.

And last but definitely not the least interesting part about this product is that it has 20 ceramic rollers in 3 different sizes.

For those of you who would love to achieve various looks using a selection of hot roller sizes, this is the ultimate set for you.


  • Easy to use design
  • Has 12 temperature settings
  • Easily heats up
  • Argan oil infusionmakes hair shiny and well conditioned; no-frizz
  • Compatible with all hair types


  • Price is on the higher end of the market
  • Limited variety of roller sizes compared to other brands
  • Complicated to use for some people

The Remington Roller Set is the most pocket friendly option on this list. 

But it being affordable doesn't mean it has less to offer.

Similar to the Calista Tools Hot Roller set, the Remington rollers also uses Ion technology with its ceramic rollers, ensuring a beautiful shiny finish.


On each roller, you can find a Ready Dot. This dot lights up when the roller is hot enough for use.

The rollers also have a Cool Touch End, so you can use your rollers with ease without worrying about getting burned. Comfort clips are also included to keep your rollers in place.

If you consider yourself a klutz and would like to use a hot roller without the fear of possibly getting burned, the Remington roller is the best set for your safety.


  • Affordable price
  • ​Heat-sensitive functions
  • Ready Dot function for safe usage
  • Features a Cool Touch End to avoid getting burned
  • Includes comfort clips to keep rollers in place


  • ​Limited heat control
  • Lesser rollers compared to other brands
  • Features are not focused on hair roller effectivity
  • Does not include a wide variety of roller sizes

The Caruso ION Steam Hairsetter is perhaps your one stop shop for getting the curling job done right.

Compared to other hot roller sets, this Caruso set is ready to go with you on your next vacation strip.

Compact and comes with a carrying case, this is all you need to get curls while you’re away from home.


The great thing about this hot roller set is that despite it being compact, it has all the features comparable to other hot roller sets on this list. It also boasts that it produces 3 times more heat than other brands.

However, one thing that seems to put off other people from buying this product is the clicking sound it makes when producing ions, or when another function comes up. Otherwise, this is still the best option for users who are always on the road.


  • Portable; meant for travel
  • ​More steam compared to other hot rollers
  • Comes with a carrying case


  • Noisy during setup period
  • ​Limited number and sizes of rollers
  • Not sustainable for long term use

Other Notes

Before choosing a hot roller set, make sure that it has all the rollers you need to achieve a particular look. Invest in high quality products that will keep you safe from harm and one that will ensure your hair’s safety in the process.

Do You Love Hot Rollers?

I know I do. If you love styling your hair, give these hot rollers a try and see just how many looks you can achieve just by owning a set of your own.

Let us know if you have used any of these brands above and tell us what you think about them. As always, leave a comment below and we will get back to you soon.

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