The Best Kardashian Tanning Lotion Reviews – 2018 Top Picks

Tanned skin is a new beauty and there is no denial that beautiful tanned skin makes you summer ready. The golden brown tanned shade looks absolutely gorgeous. Inspired by the series - Keeping up with the Kardashians, the gorgeous range of Kardashian tanning lotion is perfect for beautiful tan. Get the glowing and radiant tanned skin of Kardashian sisters and flaunt your skin in the summer heat.

With range of tanning lotions, read below the best Kardashian tanning lotion for sultry, smooth and gorgeous tanned skin. The lotion is great for indoor application and designed for your skin care. If you are looking for the best lotion under the Kardashian range, this is the comprehensive guide you need to read.


*Below, you’ll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

Why Apply The Indoor Tanning Lotion?

The most important reason to apply the indoor tanning lotion is obviously beautiful golden brown tan. However, there are lots of reasons on why to apply the lotion.

  • Creating perfect base layer – If you are looking for a product to help you create great base tan, the indoor tanning lotion from Kardashian range is perfect. Apply the lotion every 3 days and do it before the salon tanning sessions to enhance the tan perfectly.
  • Skin Moisture – Our skin tends to lose lots of moisture and needs hydration. With the application of the indoor tanning lotion, moisture is retained that makes our skin smooth and supple.
  • Anti-aging – The harsh rays of sun tend to damage our skin but with application of the Kardashian tanning lotion, the enriched Vitamin C helps in neutralizing free radicals. This helps in keeping our skin safe from damage, reduce wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Natural Ingredients – Most of the indoor tanning lotions are made of natural ingredients which keep our skin smooth and care for it. It prevents it from any sort of damage as the natural ingredients deeply enrich skin.
  • Prolonged tanning – The Kardashian range of tanning lotion enhances melanin formation and increases the tanning. The tan stays for longer time and is perfect for application before stepping out in sun or before salon sessions.

Check For The Tips If You A Beginner

  • Ensure you plan your base tan a month in advance as it might take few salon sessions. Make sure you tan at regular interval and leave a gap of around 48 hours between each tanning sessions.
  • If you are new to tanning session, look around for some good deal or discount in the salons. Some of them offer free first sessions for beginners for trial.
  • Make sure you read reviews and take feedbacks before purchasing the indoor tanning lotion because it should be good moisturizer, anti-aging agent and should be able to neutralize free radicals.
  • Apply the tanning lotion in circular motion to ensure even tan without patchy appearance.
  • Perform patch test before applying the tanning lotion on skin to check if it suitable for skin.
  • Tanning lotion is available with bronzers, accelerators or intensifiers and depending on skin type; you can try either of it.
  • After tanning, make sure you wait for three hours at least before washing off or going under the shower.

Top 3 Best Kardashian Tanning Lotion Reviews On The Market 2018

*Below, you’ll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

1. Kardashian Glow “Intensifier” Tanning Lotion

Kardashian Glow™ "Intensifier" 13.5 oz Tanning Lotion


This type of intensifier tanning lotion is one of the best offered under Kardashian range. It is enriched with natural ingredients like aloe Vera and Shea butter that enhances the skin darkening effect. The presence of Vitamin C and E helps in skin toning and provides moisture and improves tones of skin.It is can be applied evenly for fine orange tan. The ingredients are rich in anti-oxidants that help in neutralizing free radicals and helps in preventing aging.


  • Intensifier tanning lotion that gives beautiful brown golden gorgeous tan.
  • Enriched with Aloe Vera and Shea Butter with intensifying formula that boasts skin darkening.
  • Blend of Vitamin C and E with caffeine reduces wrinkles, fine lines and improves tone and texture.
  • Consists of Luxe Silicone that hydrates skin and nourishes with proper moisture.
  • Free of ATO that gives silky and smooth texture to the lotion.
  • Includes bronzer that enhances and deepens the tan evenly.
  • Good and refreshing fragrance that smells good throughout the day.
  • Non greasy and non-oily, good for regular application.


  • The apricot smell of the tanning does not last for long at times.
  • The lotion is found diluted in some packages as complained by customers.

2. Kardashian Glow Double DIP Intensifier

Kardashian Glow DOUBLE DIP Intensifier - 10 ounces


The indoor tanning lotion on lines of Kardashian gives an ebullient Kardashian like tan giving sultry and gorgeous beach look. It is a double dip intensifier that enhances the tanning on application and gives even golden bronze shade. It has infused peptide formula that boosts the tanning effect before sunless session. It consists of various natural ingredients that make skin soft, supple, hydrated and smooth.


  • Infused with peptide formulae which boost tanning by increasing production of melanin and makes it great for use before salon tanning session.
  • Formulated free of heavy silicones as it blocks DHA and Erythrulose penetration during sunless tanning.
  • Keeps skin hydrated and acts as moisturizer with presence of ingredients like cherry, lavender, minerals, Vitamin C and amino acids.
  • Enriched with ingredients that prevent wrinkles and aging.
  • Eco-friendly and skin friendly product without harmful ingredients like sulfates, hemp, gluten, silicone, parabens etc.
  • Refreshing and fresh pink grapefruit smell that stays all day long after application.
  • Gives consistent and even tanning with brilliant glow in tanning bed.


  • Medium consistency tanning lotion and not much suitable for extremely dry skin.
  • Some customers do not like the smell and find it irritating.

3. Kardashian Glow Tan Extender New Tanning Lotion

Kardashian Glow™ TAN EXTENDER NEW 2013 Tanning Lotion 16 oz


The tan extender tanning lotion in the Kardashian range is enriched with anti-oxidants that protect skin from free radicals and damaging substances. The antioxidants protect your skin from aging effect and are rich in moisture that hydrates the skin. It is rich in Vitamin C which protects skin from damage and enhances firmness of skin.The tan extender ensures that the tan will stay for prolonged time. The tan remains gorgeously for longer time and is perfect for application before salon tanning session.


  • Tan Extender is great for prolonged and beautiful tan, great for salon tanning session.
  • Enriched with Vitamin C which scavenges free radicals and prevents any type of skin damage.
  • Reduces signs of aging, reduces fine lines & wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation and enhances firmness.
  • Includes rich flower oil which hydrates skin and has antioxidants to protect skin.
  • Does not include substance like hemp and gluten making it skin friendly.
  • Non greasy and non-oily which has quick drying formula.
  • Has refreshing and fresh light floral scent of sweet blossom that smells great on skin.


  • The moisturizing effect of the tanning lotion does not stay for long.
  • Consistency problem faced by some customers, smell may sometimes be irritating.


The Kardashian range of tanning lotion is must if you want to get the sultry and gorgeous tanned beach look. The tanning lotions are rich in Vitamin C which neutralizes free radicals and ensure skin become smooth and supple. The Vitamin C enriched tanning lotion reduces free lines, wrinkles and has anti-aging properties. The lotion ensures proper hydration and moisturizes skin.

The smell of the tanning lotion is refreshing and fresh and is great for prolonged tanning. It is not easy to find the right tanning lotion but this comprehensive guide will help you find the best Kardashian tanning lotion. The lotions have been personally tested and tried by people and reviewed accordingly with the pros and cons.

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