The Best Lighted Makeup Mirror – Top Five Contenders

You want to get dolled up in your makeup and ensure that what looks good inside will also look good outside. That is where a lighted makeup mirror comes in. The light from the makeup mirror will properly illuminate your face so you see exactly what your makeup will look like when you step outside so you know just how to apply it just right. 


How to Choose the Best Lighted Makeup Mirror 


With the best lighted makeup mirror you will be able to see more detail than your regular vanity mirror. You will also not have to worry about discoloration with a lighted mirror. You will make the hubby happy with your purchase too because now he can get a close shave without nicking himself as he will be able to see with more clarity. When it comes to choosing the right lighted makeup mirror you want to consider the following pointers. 

Type of Mirror 

There are different types of mirrors. These included travel mirrors, mirrors with fixed or swivel stands and mirrors that can be mounted to the walls. Travel mirrors are small, lightweight and compact mirrors that tend to be foldable and that use batters to power them on.

A fixed stand mirror can be placed flat on the surface of your choice while the stand of these remain fixed in one position they usually are designed so you can adjust the angle of the mirror as necessary. 

A mirror with a swivel stand allows you to twist the stand up to 360 degrees. The stand is typically affixed with suction cups that allow you to fix the mirror to a surface. A wall mounted mirror is great if you are considering saving space or if you don’t have the counter space for the mirror with stand. These are often designed to fold out of the wall so they can be out of the way when not in use. 


You will find that lighted makeup mirrors come with different levels of magnification. Standard magnification you will find on most models is 5x, 7x and 10x. This is great for zooming in for precise makeup application such as when applying eye shadow and eyeliner and you want that sharp finish. 



What kind of light do you want? Do you want a cool light or a warm light? The light you choose should be depending on your skin tone and the environment in which you will be using the mirror.

 You will find lighted makeup mirrors with incandescent bulbs, fluorescent bulbs and LED lights. Incandescent bulbs are the oldest types of bulbs you can find on anything and they are not so popular nowadays. They are more affordable but they are hotter as well as they consume more power and are not as durable.

Fluorescent bulbs use gas to produce light but also are more power consuming and have a shorter lifespan. The best lighted makeup mirror will use LED bulbs. 

Power Source 

Lastly you want to consider the power source of the mirror you choose. For use in your home you will want to choose a unit that will plug into an outlet in your wall. If you are choosing mirror for travel purposes then you may want to get a battery operated unit. 

What Are The Advantages Of A Lighted Makeup Mirror? 

  • Regular light fixtures in your bathroom will cast shadows on your mirror and this will result in your makeup looking wonky when you go outside or anywhere that has good lighting. There is also the chance that with shadows being casted you are not able to see your face properly which will make applying your makeup a difficult task. A lighted makeup mirror takes care of all of that by lighting up your entire face with even light. 
  • Modern lighted makeup mirrors feature a slim design which allows them to be space saving. They are sometimes designed with foldable appendages so they can be moved to be stored out of the way if they don’t have a permanent home on your vanity. 
  • Modern lighted makeup mirrors feature a slim design which allows them to be space saving. They are sometimes designed with foldable appendages so they can be moved to be stored out of the way if they don’t have a permanent home on your vanity. 
  • The lighting in your bathroom is probably using incandescent bulbs which will use up a lot of power an still not provide you with the right amount of light to properly apply your makeup. Modern backlit mirrors making use of LED bulbs will use a lot less electricity and provide you with the light you need just where you need it. So with a modern lighted makeup mirror you will be saving money. LED lighting also offers better illumination. 
  • A lighted mirror is a great way to add style to your bathroom. You can find a wide variety of styles available that will offer your bathroom a touch of elegance and sophistication. 
  • You will find a lot of lighted makeup mirrors have some great additional features. You can find mirrors with motion sensors, proximity sensors and anti-fog features. Proximity sensors and motion sensors will cause the mirror to zoom in when you get close. Anti-fog features keep your mirror clear even after a long hot shower when your regular mirror fogs up. 

Product Reviews

This Simplehuman lighted makeup mirror is one of the best thanks to its sensor. The mirror is able to pick up your presence so that it will automatically turn on the lights when your face is detected and turns off automatically once it can no longer detect your face.

The mirror will also raise and lower to make adjustments for your height. The mirror has pivoting capability so you can get all the angles you need. The LED’s used in this mirror are surgical grade so you know you are getting bright and even light which mimics sunlight. 

It comes in two different versions; a counter top version and a version that you can mount to the wall. This uses a USB cord for charging if you choose the countertop version and the wall mounted version can be hardwired into your wall.

The light comes with a rechargeable battery which is what most consumers use as it has a lifespan of more than a month. The rechargeable battery makes the light very versatile as you can travel with it as long as you have the space to store it. The magnification on this model is 5x and the mirrors is coated with aluminum on the backside to provide more clarity. This mirror only has one light setting 


  • Modern design
  • Adjustable height and angles
  • Automatic on and off
  • Face detection
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Simulates natural sunlight


  • Only one light setting
  • Pricey

This particular lighted makeup mirror is an energy efficient model feature 16 LED’s encircling the mirror. The mirror features 10 x magnifications making it a handy tool for those who have acne and skin discoloration in some places.

The mirror measures 5.2 inches and the square mirror is made with clear glass and comes with an advanced mechanism of suction to help secure the mirror to the surface. It can be placed on the surface of your bathroom counter or you can secure t to the regular mirror in your bathroom as well. Since it swivels 360 degrees you won’t have any problems getting the right angle even when mounted onto a mirror.

This unit doesn’t need to be plugged in or charged since it is powered by 3 AA batteries. You can use regular batteries or you can use rechargeable batteries. The good thing about that is that you don’t need to worry about cords tangling up. It is the ideal choice for those who don’t have a lot of space. It is also a good choice for travelling and comes with a soft velvet carrying pouch so that you can safely tore it around. 


  • 10 x magnification 
  • Excellent lighting 
  • 360 degree swivel
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Cordless
  • Portable 


  • Runs on batteries
  • Light cannot be adjusted

The Conair Oval Double sided lighted makeup mirror is quite a popular option. The mirror is large enough to provide you with enough lights for your entire face at one time. It offers up a soft light and makes use of an incandescent bulb.

This mirror has the bulbs going around the outside of the light so that the mirror can focus on your face and nothing else. The mirror offers a 1x magnification as well as a 7 x magnification. The 1x side can be used for the entire face while the 7x magnification size is ideal for putting on liner or tweezing your eyebrows.

You can find this mirror in three different finishes so you are certain to find something to match your décor. It is available in an oiled bronzed finish, a chrome finish and a satin nickel finish. It is a great choice if you are considering a lighted makeup mirror for your bathroom since it has a fog free features.

The mirror is powered by plugging it into an outlet and it has a small base that can fit on a number of different spaces even when you are limited on space. This makes it great for apartment dwellers as well as college students enduring dorm living and it is even affordably priced. 


  • Soft halo lighting
  • Affordable
  • Fog free feature
  • Double sided​​​​
  • Multiple magnification levels


  • Does not use LED bulbs

You will love this lighted makeup mirror if you are low on space. The mirror offers magnification of 10 x and it features a suction cup so you can attach it to any smooth surface in your home.

The unit runs on batteries so you don’t have to worry about cords tangling up, nor do you have to worry about sitting close to an outlet. The mirror also has the ability to rotate so you can definitely get the right viewing angle no matter where the mirror is placed. It has the ability to swivel up to 360 degrees and also has a locking suction mechanism to secure it in place with the simple turn of the base. 

The FAncii Round daylight makeup mirror is a great option thanks to its small and lightweight design that makes it an ideal mirror for travel purposes ant it is affordably priced. It will serve two purposes and save you money at the same time while providing you with adequate lighting to properly put on your makeup. 


  • Cordless design
  • Small and portable
  • 10 x magnification
  • Adjustable swivel up to 360 degrees
  • Suction mechanism allows for easy and fast locking into place


  • Requires batteries for operation 

This lighted makeup mirror is for the het setter who is beauty conscious and likes to remain stylish at every step. This mirror is designed specifically for travel and provides warm LED light with a life of up to 50,000 hours. You never know where your trips will take you and what quality lighting you will find so always carry your own and this is a great place to start.

The mirror offers 10 x magnifications and comes with a mounting arm along with a suction cup so you can mount it on any smooth surface. You can even attach it to a larger mirror so you can interchange between doing your hair and makeup at the same time. 

The mirror features a collapsible and cordless design in keeping with its ability to be a travel mirror. To power the mirror all you need are 3 AA batteries which are never hard to find. Included with your purchase of this mirror is a neoprene travel bag which is padded to protect the mirror when travelling. 


  • Comes with travel pouch included​​​​
  • Cordless ​​​​
  • 10 x magnification 
  • Energy efficient
  • Flexible arm for adjusting height and angle
  • Up to 50,000 hours of use


  • A bit of a learning curve to get the suction placement right 



There you have the five best lighted makeup mirrors on the market. Our favorite picks are the two Fancii lighted makeup mirrors who both have the same review rating. These units are great options if you are looking for effective yet affordable lighted makeup mirrors to get your makeup looking its best.

 They are travel friendly and can attach to a number of surfaces with their strong suction cups. We highly recommend any of the above mentioned five best lighted makeup mirror options. 

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