The Best Spray Tan Solution Reviews – 2018 Top Picks

The best spray tan solution has made it possible to tan your skin into a healthy bronze color giving it that radiant outdoor look. Sunless tanning solutions have replaced the conventional UV ray tanning. These instant tanning products come in various forms including lotions, mousse, gels, and spray tan machines with spray tan solutions.


*Below, you’ll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

Types Of Spray Tanning Solutions

Types Of Spray Tanning Solutions

There are three main types of spray tan solutions including cosmetic bronzers, fast-acting tanners, and stage tanners. The three differ in their application and how long they take to wear off from the skin.

Cosmetic bronzers help you achieve an instant dark toned skin. They are similar to makeup because they wash off easily with water. Cosmetic bronzers are sold either as powder, stick, spray or gel products.

Fast acting tanners bronze the body in about 3 hours and will take up to 24hours to wear off. Alternatively, you can also buy the fast-acting tanners that give you the desired results in under an hour. These are sold as sprays, lotions, and mousse.

Staged tanners are a combination of products used to achieve the same bronze results. Compared to cosmetic bronzers and fast acting tanners, staged tanners have the longest effect on the skin. Stage tanners include three products: a bronzer, an intensifier, and an extender.

The bronzer is the main tanning solution to be applied on the skin. The intensifier helps the tan solution to be absorbed deeper into the skin for long-lasting effects. The extender is a protective compound that safeguards the skin from damage by aging or exposure to the sun.

How To Prepare For A Tanning Session

Pre-tanning preparation is important because it determines how well the tan applies to your skin and whether the results will last longer. Personally, I have to prepare my skin in advance whether I am self-tanning at home or at a commercial beauty parlor.

You will have to exfoliate the skin 24 hours prior to working with a tanning solution. Dead skin cells tend to take more color and may cause uneven tanning. With the skin freshly exfoliated, the spray tan solution has a better chance of penetrating the skin resulting in a lustrous bronze glow.

Exfoliating is quite easy; you can do it with an over-the-counter product or simple home remedies. I find it convenient and cheap to exfoliate with a solvent of water and sugar or salt. Pay attention to your entire body while exfoliating except for the area around elbows, ankles, and other joints.

After exfoliating, leave the skin fresh without applying perfume, lotion, or any cosmetic product. Cosmetic products contain chemicals that will react with the tanning solution and interfere with the tanning process.

In addition, wear loose fitting or dark clothes if you are tanning at a commercial beauty parlor; this comes in handy after the tanning process.Lastly, be sure to shave before the tanning process. Shaving after will cause the fresh tan to flake resulting to uneven skin tones or blotching. Shave the body at least 48 hours prior to using the spray tan solution.

During The Tanning Session

During The Tanning Session

You can self-tan at home with an instant bronzer or book a session at a tanning salon. These two options differ from each other with respect to the quality of tan you get.

Self-tanning at home is quite straight forward using the instant cosmetic bronzers. These instant tanning solutions contain an active ingredient DHA or dihydroxyacetone. DHA is responsible for causing the skin cells to react chemically with the spray tan solution and absorb it into the skin pigment.

Though effective, there are disadvantages associated with excessive absorption of DHA by the skin. DHA-based spray tan solutions last a maximum of 7 days. Secondly, DHA exposes the skin to harmful UV rays; therefore, you will need to apply a sunscreen product after tanning. Alternatively, use a DHA barrier cream to prevent the skin from absorbing excessive amounts of DHA.

Tanning parlors have cubicles fixed with spray tanning nozzles. I prefer these parlors when I want an even tan on my body, which included getting the tan solution to those hard-to-reach areas.

The spray tan solution is applied to the entire body except for joints like ankles, or elbows. Body joints do not absorb the tan solution and may end up sabotaging the “natural look” of your tan.

Post-Tanning Session

It is advisable to wait for up to 4 hours before taking a shower after a tanning session. The longer you allow the spray tan solution to work, the better the results. If possible, avoid showering for up to 12 hours and let the spray tan solution create a glowing bronze look on you. Use lukewarm water without soap when taking the shower.

Loose fitting clothes help prevent the body from rubbing against your clothes, which may take away some of the tans. It is still possible to get some tan on your garments, which is why dark clothes are recommended.

Top 4 Best Spray Tan Solution Reviews On The Market 2018

*Below, you’ll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

1. Norvell Premium Tanning Solution

Norvell Sunless Solution - Venetian Plus, 1 Liter


I personally love Norvell because they have premium products for a flawless bronzed skin. This spray tanning solution is designed to work with both airbrush and HVLP spray tan machines. It is DHA based and has the sweet scent of raspberry-almond.

Norvell spray tanning solution will produce results within 2 to 4 hours after spraying. The full effects will be achieved after 24hours and the lovely bronze tans will last up to a week. One thing I like about this spray tan solution is how you can easily clean it off if it gets to your garments.

This spray tan solution uses only natural ingredients for a sunless tanning session. It is fast drying, does not feel sticky, and will not leave ugly blotches or streaks on your skin. In addition, this spray tanning solution has antioxidant properties to shed some years off your skin.

Norvell provides a list of natural colors for their spray tanning solutions that work with all skin types.


  • Contains natural ingredients.
  • Fast drying and non-sticky.
  • Gives a natural “straight from the beach” tan.
  • Works for any skin type.
  • Sweetly scented with raspberry and almonds.


  • Might come off during the first few hours after application due to sweating. Therefore, you should stay in a cool area after application.

2. Sjolie Spray Tan Solution

Sjolie Organic Spray Tanning Solution (Quart 32oz, 9% for Medium Skin Tones)


Sjolie spray tan solution works on all skin types and contains natural ingredients. It comes in two colors, fair olive and deep bronze. Sjolie spray tan solution contains two active ingredients; dark bronzer and banana fruit extract.

The dark bronzer is the main tanning solution that gives the skin pigment a bronze hue. The banana fruit extract acts as a catalyzing agent to help the dark bronze work faster.

Sjolie spray tan solution is DHA based and has erythrulose sugars to extends the bronze look achieved from the tanning solution. It also contains aloe Vera, which helps to repair damage to skins cells, minimize wrinkles, and moisturize the skin.

This spray tan solution is one of the best in my opinion with purely organic effects on the skin and does not produce any allergic reactions.


  • An all-natural spray tan solution.
  • Contains plant extracts and natural sugars to prolong the bronze look.
  • Botanical extracts to soothe the skin, repair skin damage and stop signs of aging.


  • You have to wait for about 12 hours after spraying to take a shower.

3. Norvell Professional Spray Tan Solution

Norvell Professional Sunless Mist - Airbrush Tanning Solution with Bronzer, 7 fl.oz.


This is an all-time favorite with many positive results. Although this spray tan solution was designed for professionals, it can also be used by amateurs. It gives a unique beach tan and packs several botanical ingredients to slow down aging or skin damage.

The main ingredient in Norvell professional spray tan solution is DHA, which creates a rich tan on your skin. The spray tan solution also contains aloe extracts to soothe the skin and protect it from cell damage. Other ingredients to appreciate include tissue-repairing yeast extra, glycerin to moisturize the skin, and acai & goji berries with anti-aging properties.

Norvell professional spray tan solution suits beauty pageants, fitness fads or any professional who graces stage events. Nevertheless, it is also perfect for someone like me who loves a naturally tanned body to go with the summer season. The dark bronze color of this Norvell professional spray tan solution will also complement the skin profile of anyone with naturally dark pigmentation.

One other fact that makes me love this spray tan solution is how affordable it is. At a pocket-friendly price, I can achieve the healthiest and natural-looking tanned look that will last me a week. The spray tan solution also washes off easily in case you get it on your garments.


  • Premium product designed for celebrities and professionals.
  • A natural bronze formula made from organic ingredients.
  • Washes off easily.
  • Packs lots of anti-aging properties.


  • May require professional application.

4. Norvell Double Dark Premium Spray Tanning Solution

Norvell Premium Sunless Solution - Double Dark, 1 Liter


Norvell premium spray tanning solution is formulated for the medium and dark skin profiles. Its active ingredient is a dark bronzer-colorizing agent that enhances the bronze look on the skin. Norvell premium tanning solution is DHA based and contains the natural sugar erythrulose to extend the effects of the dark bronzer.

It only takes 2 to 4 hours to start seeing the results of this spray tanning solution. An added ingredient in the Aviva spray tan solution is collagen, which ensures that the skin remains breathable and elastic after a full body tan. Aloe Vera and hyaluronic acid ensure the skin heals and repairs fast and remains moisturized at all times.

So what makes this spray tan solution stand out? I would say it is the fact that they use high-quality DHA compound. All ingredients are natural and healthy to the skin. In addition, it contains collagen, which prevents your skin from looking and feeling like plastic.


  • Collagen maintains skin elasticity.
  • Developed by medical practitioners.
  • FDA approved all natural ingredients.
  • Moisturizes and heals the skin.
  • Contains high-grade DHA.
  • Perfect for medium and dark skin profiles.
  • Designed for a long-term healthy skin.


  • Relatively costly.


With no doubts, my money is on the Norvell professional spray tan solution. It beats all others because it was designed with the celebrity in mind. Any spray tan solution recommended for pro-models would definitely look good on me.

This spray tan solution can be used by anyone. In addition, it contains organic compounds that protect and heal the skin. Norvell professional spray tanning solution is relatively affordable.

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