Can You Use Indoor Tanning Lotion Outside; The Best Option?

So you have been thinking of changing your tanning station and doing it naturally and have been wondering can you use indoor tanning lotion outside? I have been in a similar situation and questions after questions can't seem to stop coming until I did some necessary research.

Can the indoor lotion work to protect my skin or even deepen my tan? These questions are quite a bother especially when you don't have the answers. For starters, you should know that indoor tanning lotions are very different from the typical suntan lotions meant for the outside.Believe it or not, the difference is quite significant.

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What To Do After Tanning Bed And How To Maintain That Healthy Glow

We all long for that darker shade once in awhile. Several options exist on how to tan, using a tanning bed or going natural by using the UV rays of the sun. Whatever your choice, we all look forward to having that healthy-looking glow in summer.

For you to keep you tan to last longer and keep your skin healthy; it all boils down to eating right and possibly moisturizing after your tanning session. Here are some tips to help you maintain the tan on and have a brown glowing skin for longer; what to do after tanning bed tips:

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How To Apply Tanning Bed Lotion For The Ideal Results

Are you new to tanning using tanning beds? You have probably heard that people use indoor tanning lotion before getting into a tanning bed. Tanning bed works by speeding up the tanning process and also to extend tans.

If you tire of taking long hours out in the sun for you to get a tan, you can opt for the tanning bed option. Which begs the question, how to apply tanning bed lotion? For you to have that even brown skin tone, you need to apply the tanning lotion with care.

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What Is A Tanning Accelerator and How To Determine The Ideal One

The month of April is finally here, and many of you are rushing to get that brown glow on your skin. You may be tanning naturally or using a tanning bed or spray, well, whatever works for you. You may have come across many terms in tanning, bronzers, accelerators, etc.

If you are new to tanning, you may be wondering, what is a tanning accelerator? Accelerators are sometimes referred to as maximizers or intensifiers. Tanning accelerators are ideal for beginner tanners.

They help you tan faster and also to retain your color for longer. That is, it helps you achieve a base tan more quickly and do not typically contain added bronzers. A bronzer is a self-tanning product that gives you an instant tan.

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Can You Use Tanning Oil in Tanning Bed and How To Get Tan

To those who want to improve their skin tan, this article is most definitely for you. You may have tried every kind of tanning there is, but you don't get the perfect tan to show the world. Don't worry this article explains the do's and do not's to get that perfect tan you have always desired.

First, you should know that there are various ways to acquire the tan, naturally and by artificial means which involve the use of tanning oil. I guess most of you tend to ask, can you use tanning oil in a tanning bed? Yes and no but mostly not recommended.

You may have even realized that most saloons aren't so fond of the tanning oils in bed, but before I fully explain why it doesn't become recommended, you should know what tanning oil is.

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How to Tan Fair Skin in Tanning Bed For The Best Results

I am fair skin naturally, and there was a time I just couldn't seem to get the tan I have envied of my friends who got a darker skin compared to mine. I thought I would never have a tan until I decided to do a comprehensive research to help people with fair skin like me.

Some people with fair skin have sensitive skin and can’t even stay in the sun for a long time. You should consider that there was something we always did wrong that’s why we couldn’t achieve the tan. That’s about to change as I have pointed out how to tan fair skin in a tanning bed.

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