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Fixing A Bad Rhinoplasty

As individuals grow much older, they often become self-cautious about the structure of the different parts of their body such as their nose or lips structure. This, in turn, prompts the individuals to get a medical opinion on how they can go about altering the structure of the different body parts. Such procedures are often carried […]

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The Multiple Ways to Achieve a Whiter Smile

White teeth are universally accepted as an attractive feature in a smile. It is important for people to feel comfortable expressing their emotions, and not resort to hiding their smile because of yellowing or discolored teeth. Dr. Marc Lazare specializes in general and cosmetic dentistry and can address discoloration of the teeth through a number […]

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How To Tan With A Tattoo

Do you have a tattoo but would still like to get tanned? For you to keep your adored piece of art on your skin for longer, you need to take care of it. Yes, tattoos are “permanent,” but they fade with time. Before one invests in a tattoo, it needs proper thought given to getting one, […]

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