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Does Ccreatine Causes Acne?

It is not a new fact that acne are majorly caused due to hormonal changes in our body and the clogging of our skin pores. Several skin experts think there is a particular hormone behind the acnes erupting on your skin, and that’s creatine. But, does creatine actually causes acne on your skin or is it just a fad that you need to steer clear of? Let us find out more about it.

What Is Creatine? 

Creatine is mostly used by pro-athletes and body builders for muscle pumping. These athletes incorporate creatine in their eating regimen for accomplishing an all-around body conditioning. It predominantly helps your body in providing heaps of oxygen and water to your working muscles, which in the end builds high energy levels in your body.

However, several of such athletes have experienced there are many reactions of this item, for example, parchedness of skin, bloating, loose bowels, pattern baldness and acne. Therefore, it is important that you consult your family doctor before taking creatine.

There are essentially two types of creatine - Creatine Ethyl Ester and Monohydrate. Creatine Ethyl Ester is the most current form of the hormone which demonstrates more advantages and less symptoms. This substance can be effectively supplemented in your eating regimen for accomplishing an extraordinary fit body. The vast majority of people experience wrong procedures, for example, surgeries and steroid consumption for creating muscles, which can be to a great degree destructive for your body over the long haul.

Since a long time Creatine Monohydrate has been used by athletes and is demonstrating awesome outcomes. It works best with a good eating routine, exercises and protein supplements. But, on the other hand, this substance also delivers some undesirable outcomes, for example, cramping and bloating.

What Is The Right Way To See The Best Results Of Creatine?

For letting creatine work in your body and show chiseled abs instead of acnes, it is really important to blend it in your workouts. You can create an exercise mix of cardio, bodyweight and weight training exercises for gaining muscles. These exercises can undoubtedly support your digestion and help your body in consuming fats.

Creatine use helps you in keeping focus while executing these exercises perfectly. It not just aides in muscle pumping by providing water and oxygen to your muscles, but also treats wounds and joint paints easily. It stalls different sicknesses, for example, diabetes and heart related issues. It additionally upgrades your resistant framework and controls fat making in your body. The way toward maturing likewise backs off by its usage.

Different Positive Effects Of Creatine Use

You might have heard in the TVs and magazines that creatine gives you vitality. When you take it, you won't feel exhausted or tired any longer. It surely is not like having an energy drink after which you feel a sudden crash, however these supplements make your body get used to having more energy in the day. Moderate consumption gives you a fresh morning, where you feel like heading out to the gym and working out for a better fitness. You'll have that additional kick to lift more weights and do a couple of more reps.

The other positive reaction is that it will make your appearance bigger and strong. Since it makes your body keep more water, your skin texture might feel a little delicate, yet it also makes your muscles look fuller. This water retentive properties are exceptionally helpful in maintaining a supple acne free skin.

Check out this video about other positive effects of creatine on your body:

The Negative Effects Of Creatine On Your Body

All things considered, they're not by any means that genuine. Nothing truly awful has ever been found in more than ten years of studies. The negative symptom that happens the most is that your body will take an additional water weight. Because of this additional water weight, you may look bloated. With more water in your muscles, they'll feel a lot gentler.

Your muscles will get harden directly after the exercise, however they'll feel really delicate a couple of hours later after you've done some resting. There have additionally been some minor reports that creatine causes muscle spasms and bad stomach issues, however, these two impacts generally occur because of uncalled utilization of creatine. You can stay away from these two impacts if you consume it under expert guidelines.

One final negative reaction that you should know about is the thing that will happen if you quit utilizing creatine (after you've been utilizing it for quite a while). For a brief timeframe, you will feel loss of energy and slimmer body appearance. As your body is losing its additional water weight, you may seem like flattening out. You'll recoup from this feeling in the long run however, when your body gets used to not having creatine.

With the use of creatine by pro-athletes and body builders, it can be clearly stated that the hormone use is surely beneficial in forming superior fitness. But, the consumption levels of the hormone is the deciding factor in finding the right fitness. Its effect as a stimulant for acne is just due to the improper consumption.

Few things to keep in mind with creatine consumption:

  • Other ill-effects like hair loss, anger, reduction in testicle size, energy loss etc. are few of the things that could happen with bad consumption other than acne.
  • Always consult a health expert before consuming it.
  • Proven exceptional results on pro-athletes and body builders who work hard for super fitness and muscular strength.

In case you want to know more about creatine use and its effect on acne formation you can comment down below.

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Why Does My Hair Grow So Fast? Read This To Find Out!

Let’s be honest. Going to a salon and getting your hair done isn’t as simple as what most people think - and it’s not exactly cheap either. If only we could preserve that haircut we get right after visiting a salon. Problem is, hair grows back making your haircut’s glory only short lived.

The reason why I am discussing this problem of mine is because I am about to tell you one of my biggest hair problems: fast regrowth. I know, this may not sound like a big problem for most people, especially for those who are trying to grow theirs as fast as possible.

In my case, I’ve always been a fan of shorter hairstyles. And having hair that grows faster than average makes that almost impossible. I can never keep a short haircut as long as I wanted. So I visited a hair expert and asked, why does my hair grow so fast?

Reasons Why Your Hair Grows So Fast

There are various reasons for speedy hair growth, but the good news is that none of them are symptoms of a disease.

In fact, for most people who are experiencing this for the first time, this might mean that you are doing something right for your body. Below is a list of the most common reasons for fast hair growth:

1. Hormones

On average, human hair can grow up to 6 inches per year. In most cases, hair growth has little to do with the products we use, but more related to one’s hormones.


For women who have observed an increase in hair growth, especially in areas where hair is supposedly sparse, this could mean that she has more male hormones - particularly testosterone or androgens.

Commonly, this is not something that gravely affects one’s health. However, if this symptom comes along with other worrying factors, you must visit your doctor to discuss about it. Your hair growth may be the effect of a hormonal imbalance issue.

2. Blood Circulation

When I was younger, I was often told to keep brushing my hair if I wanted it to grow faster. I did about 50 brush strokes daily as a child who wanted waist-length long hair. And boy, did it work to the point that fast hair growth became a pressing problem for me even today.

I have always thought that brushing would magically add more length to my hair, as if my brush has this extending function I did not know about. But actually, science says that frequent brushing improves blood circulation for your hair follicles.

With good blood circulation, your hair follicles are healthy enough to deliver nutrients to your hair. Massaging your hair often can also contribute to good blood flow.

If this is you, this probably means that you are doing something right for both your body and your overall health.

3. Protein and Biotin Intake

Your hair is made out of protein. It only makes sense that if you are consuming a lot of protein from your diet or through protein shakes, your hair will grow faster than usual.


The same goes for biotin. There are a lot of hair products out there that contain biotin specifically for promoting hair growth. Check your shampoo bottles to see if your shampoo is the cause.

However, this does not mean that you should stop consuming protein. Protein is very good for your health, and should be continued to achieve optimal health - there is no reason for your to prioritize slower hair growth over your hair.

What you might want to do is to lessen your dosage into a more appropriate amount.

Simple Tips To Stop Hair From Growing Too Fast

Now that you know that increased hair growth is actually a good and healthy thing, I hope that you don’t think of it as such a negative thing anymore.

However, I know that maintaining hair growing at hastened speeds can be meddlesome. Here are some tips you can follow:

  • Increase Soy Intake - Soy products act as an inhibitor for hair growth. Whether it’s consuming more soy milk or tofu, or applying products made from soy milk, products made from soy can help you and your hair out.
  • Try waxing - Although taxing and quite painful for some, waxing can slow down the regrowth of hair and will actually make it finer than during regrowth.
  • Use a hair growth inhibitor cream - Products like Vaniqa is proven to slow down hair growth for people who struggle with uncontrollable hair growth.

Do You Have This Problem?

Have you had this problem before? I know I have - share your stories in the comments below. And the next time someone asks you, why does my hair grow so fast? Share this article!

Can You Bleach Your Hair Twice? The Biggest Mistake You Don’t Want To Make!

Change is beautiful. We all want to transform ourselves every now and then. From our shoes, to our clothes, up to the color of our hair: we just want to mix things up every now and then. This whole process of trial and error helps us discover what styles we like seeing on ourselves – what works, and what doesn’t.

But when you’re thinking about bleaching your hair, there’s no room for “trial and error”. You need to make sure that everything is perfect, in order to get the best results for your smooth, flowing hair. You also want to avoid damaging your hair.

So what if the first bleaching process doesn’t go too well? What happens if things don’t run so smoothly? Can you do the process all over again, and pretend it never happened?

Today we’re going to answer a very common query – one that many people ask before bleaching their hair: “Can I bleach my hair twice?”

To give you a quick answer to that question: Yes and no.

1. Why You Should Consider Hair Bleaching

Bleaching is quite a delicate process, and we’re gonna have to explain to you how it works before we can fully detail why it’s a “yes” and “no” when it comes to bleaching twice.

We’re just going to get it out of the way: bleaching can damage your hair, but only if it’s done incorrectly.

Why You Should Consider Hair Bleaching

Done well, it can transform your hair and give it that beautiful blonde look you’ve always wanted. Like we said earlier, change is beautiful.

And if you want to change your hair color from any other shade to platinum blonde, bleaching is the right thing for you.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with hair bleaching, it is the process of changing the shade of your hair to a lighter one. Basically, if you want a darker hair color, all you have to do is color it with specific dyes.

But if you want to change the shade and get the reverse effect (change dark hair to a lighter shade), you’re going to go through hair bleaching. Now how exactly does it work?

2. How Hair Bleaching Works

Unlike hair coloring, bleaching actually takes away the color of your hair through a process known as oxidation. It removes the pigment in your hair shaft, thus making it a few shades lighter than your previous hair color.

How Hair Bleaching Works

A bleaching agent, also known as an oxidizing agent, is used in the process. Hydrogen peroxide and ammonia are two of the most commonly used bleaching agents, although they are often mixed together for a more stable solution.

Now, based on what you’ve read so far, you can probably tell why we’re warning you about potentially damaging your hair. Even those manufacturers that claim their product is “peroxide-free” will often contain some other oxidizing agent that will do the exact same thing and cause the same damage to your hair.

So at the end of the day, it comes down to how you use the bleaching agent, rather than what bleaching agent you use.

3. Proper Hair Bleaching: How to Do It without Damaging Your Hair

Depending on what shade your hair currently has and what volume of bleaching agent you decide to use, you can only get a certain level of lightening done. You won’t instantly get to platinum blonde if you want to have a safe bleaching experience. You’re gonna have to do it one step at a time: expect to get at least three shades lighter per bleach.

Proper Hair Bleaching: How to Do It without Damaging Your Hair

So to answer your question: Can I bleach my hair twice? The answer is yes, you can bleach it twice – and you will probably have to. But no, you can’t do it twice in a row.

Do not bleach your hair more than once a day if you want to keep your hair safe and healthy. Bleaching it twice can cause breakage. And if your hair breaks, then what will you have left to bleach?

Hair care is our top priority here. For best results, do not bleach your hair more than once in a period of one week. Allow your hair to rest after the first bleaching process.

Let it breath. In fact, one week is the minimum. Take care of your hair, let it rest for one or so weeks, and then get back to bleaching. Repeat the process.

You must make sure to do it gradually. Work your way to the blonde shade that you want. The key here is in being patient.​

​Some Things to Remember

Make sure you’re not rushing things: change always comes gradually, after all.

Another thing: once you are done with the first bleaching treatment, you have to follow it up with some toner as well as repairing treatments. Remember, you just took away some of your hair’s color, so there’s bound to be some stress in those areas.

Repair it with the best shampoo treatments and maintain a healthy, well-balanced diet to keep your hair in the best shape.

  • Learn about peroxide volumes and hair color in order to determine which bleaching agent will give you the best results.
  • Perform the bleaching treatment quickly, as this will lessen the chance of getting uneven results.
  • After bleaching, follow up with some toner.
  • Let it rest for a week or so before attempting to bleach again.

So the answer is yes, you can bleach your hair twice, but no, you can’t do it one after the other, unless you want to damage your hair. If you have any questions, leave it down in the comments below.

Do Tanning Beds Make You Orange – Figure It Out Here

Many people spend a lot of hours at either the salon or the beach attempting to accomplish a nice tanned skin complexion. In any case, there is a question that is often asked every time by a many people - do tanning beds make you orange?

This is a right question to ask since many people have recently reported being in this kind of situation. Your skin stands a high chance of becoming orange if it goes through excessive tanning procedure and if you a type that has a pale-colored skin.

Normally, tanning sessions will not turn your skin orange. This is the truth. Sunless tanning procedure such as using tanning beds rarely show this side effect unless you make use of tremendous amounts of the tanning product.

Discussed in this article are many interesting tips that will clear all your uncertainty about tanning beds making you look orange.

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How To Spray Tan Yourself With Machine Effectively

Are you looking forward to spending time outdoors in a tan but have no time to book an appointment at the tanning salon? If yes, do not fret, you can spray tan yourself. It is also possible that tanning at the salon is somewhat costly and you would like to get the same tanning services but at a cheaper rate, right?

As summer approaches, almost everyone is thronging to their favorite tanning salon to get the desired shade of sun-kissed glow. You may have had a busy week and have no time to visit the salon even though you want to get tanned; here is how to spray tan yourself with machine.

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How Do Bronzers Work And Their Benefits

Is it that time of the year when you want to get a sun-kissed glow? Well, you can either choose to tan naturally by basking in the sun or use other methods to accelerate the change of pigmentation.

With so many tanning options available so does there exist many products to boost or help in tanning. If you tan using UV beds, then you may have come across tanning bed lotions with bronzers. The same applies to those who opt for sunless tanning methods.

In this tutorial, I will cover how do bronzers work, with an inclination to bronzers in tanning lotions.

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How To Make Your Own Tanning Lotion

The current world is moving in the direction where beauty is more important than even having a meal. This step has boosted the cosmetics industry thus creating a fluctuation in the prices of lotion.

Luckily enough, science has enabled many people to be able to make their homemade tanning lotions cheaply, at their comfort at homes and with freely available sources of the recipes.

Find more on how to make your own tanning lotion and do it yourself.

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Top 64 Skincare Blogs You Need To Follow – Find More Beauty

The skin care industry continues to undergo changes as time goes. It is beautiful in its way as it attracts individuals from different backgrounds, personalities, and even interests. The common denominator among these people is the desire to achieve a healthy skin.

On the web, you will find many blogs devoted to skin care. Variety is good but with variety comes with difficulty in choosing. Many people have dedicated their passion to finding effective treatments for different skin conditions, whether you want to consult a dermatologist/ skin expert or find a review on a particular beauty product.

You will find most of these features in the different blogs. Below are some of the Top 64 Skincare blogs that you can visit for your skincare needs.

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How Do Self-Tanners Work And How To Apply The Lotion

Do you desire to get a sun-kissed look this holiday? You have probably heard of the dangers of overexposing your body to UV radiation. It not only increases wrinkling of the skin but can also lead to skin cancer, among many other damages to your skin.

There are several tanning methods which include:

  • Indoor tanning using a tanning bed.
  • Sun-based tanning, where you expose your skin to the sun’s natural UV radiation.
  • Sunless tanning using self-tanners as both indoor and sun-based tanning work by exposing your skin to the harmful ultraviolet radiation.

So, if you want to get a bronzed glow but do not want to expose your skin to UV rays, you can use sunless tanning techniques. How do self-tanners work?

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How Tanning Beds Work – Here Are The Tips And Techniques You Need

Tanning can be regarded as a way of darkening the skin using sun exposure. A few people discover it so engaging that they decide on opting for artificial techniques to achieve a nice tan. Technology Innovation has progressed significantly and tanning beds are now accessible to suit people’s best desires.

Tanning beds, otherwise called Sun Beds, make use of a bright ultraviolet light bulb to create what is known as UV radiation, which tends to tan the skin simply like the UV light from the natural sunlight. In this article, we shall be discussing how tanning beds work and give just that tan you’ve always dreamt of.

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