The Five Best Hood Hair Dryers Your Money Can Buy

Hair takes a lot of effort and going to the salon can really add up. You can make magic at home with your hair if you have all the right tools and products including one of the best hood hair dryers. You should definitely invest in one of these dryers and we can help you find just the right one.


How To Choose The Best Hood Hair Dryers

When it comes down to choosing a dryer with a hooded bonnet you may want to consider a couple things. Here are the things you should consider to help you choose the best hair dryer with hood.


Best Hood Hair Dryers

You want to choose dryers that offer multiple heat settings for ease of use and for styling versatility.


 If you are using the dryer for personal home use, you must consider where in your home you will be using it and ensuring you have enough space to accommodate the dryer and also yourself sitting under it. 

Best Hood Hair Dryers

Height Adjustment  

You want the dryer to have an adjustable height. 

If you are using this at home, chances are your chair won’t be adjustable so your best bet to correctly position the dryer over your head is to purchase one with height adjustment. 


Chances are you don’t have your very own salon set up in your home and may use different places at different times. 

You want your hooded bonnet dryer to be portable so you can store it when it is not in use and easily take it out and set it up when it is time to wash your hair. 

Best Hood Hair Dryers

Inside the Hood 

If you will be using your dryer while having chemical treatments on your hair you will want to use a dryer with hood that has a coat that prevents the staining of the hood on the inside of the hood.

Cool Shot 

Best Hood Hair Dryers

This is a great feature to help keep your hair smooth and frizz free and to prevent your hair from over drying which will cause damage to your hair.

Advantages Of The Best Hood Hair Dryers

Best Hood Hair Dryers
  • Can be used to make your deep condition treatments more helpful
  • ​They dry your hair in a safer manner since the hair is not getting direct heat
  • ​Will dry your hair faster
  • ​Gives you the ability to multitask while your hair is being dried
  • ​Provides you with more of a salon style finish
  • ​Can add shine
  • ​Can help provide your hair with curls that will last a lot longer than if you used a curling wand or iron

Our Review

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​1. The Laila Ali LADR5604 Ionic Soft Bonnet Dryer


If you are looking for a more affordable and a more portable option of a dryer with hood this is an exceptional choice. It features a soft bonnet which makes it very portable and which means that it won’t need a lot of storage space. You will benefit greatly from this device and it is super easy to use​

 Take your time to explore the device and get to know it by reading the included instruction manuals before you get to using the unit. Your purchase of this hair dryer with a hooded bonnet you will find included with your purchase a storage and carrying case.  


  • The bonnet is well designed
  • Lightweight and compact so it is highly portable
  • Will retain moisture thanks to Ionizer technology
  • 3 speed settings
  • Powerful motor
  • Included carrying case allows for ease of use and also makes the unit have the ability to be stored easily
  • Affordably priced
  • Timer option allows you the opportunity to time your hair and not worry about over drying
  • Great value for money to consumer when you consider the features and the price


  • Short length of hose so you can’t move around a lot when using the dryer
  • Hose can heat up and burn any skin it is in contact with

2. The Conair Pro Styler Hair Dryer with Bonnet

This is a great unit if you are looking for salon quality drying results in your home. It features an extra-large hood so you can easily and comfortably sit under it with even jumbo rollers. It also features variable airflow settings so that you can style your hair at the most comfortable temperature and speed setting.

 It also offers height adjustability another way to ensure that you have a comfortable experience when using the dryer. While it is so accommodating it will fold neatly so that it can be stored in a compact way. So you can store it easily and without taking up too much space. It is also a great pick because it comes at an affordable price. 


  • Affordable
  • Simple design
  • Portable and adjustable
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with a 1 year limited warranty
  • UL Listed
  • Variable heat controls makes customizing your drying experience easy
  • Adjustable with variable heights for your comfort while under the hood
  • Professional style at an in home price
  • Timer makes it super easy for you to set the amount of time that is most suitable for your hair type and your lifestyle


  • A bit pricier than other options on the market

3. The Laila Ali LADR5603 Salon Ionic Dryer


If you want a dryer that will dry your hair while at the same time not suck all the moisture out of it then this one could be the one. The hydrating airflow feature also helps to reduce frizz making this dryer a great choice for the consumer with ethnic hair.

The dryer lets out conditioning ions that provide your hair with the ability to retain more moisture so it can look shinier and be healthier. The hood on this dryer is quite large so that you will be able to accommodate some jumbo rollers on a full set. Thanks to its collapsible design you will find storing and traveling with this hair dryer will be a breeze.

This dryer makes use of ionic technology to help you have healthier hair. You can turn this on when you want it with the designated on and off switch as well as there is an indicator light which tells you whether the feature is on or off. The dryer has two heat settings and two speed settings so you can control how your hair is dried. There is also a cool air setting which can be used close to the end of your drying session. 


  • Keeps more moisture in hair with ionic technology
  • Ionic technology reduces static and reduces frizz
  • Hood is well designed and large enough to accommodate a full set of jumbo rollers
  • Collapsible design makes it easy to move around and to store
  • Motor is very powerful and designed to help reduce drying time
  • Distributes heat evenly around the hood
  • 3 drying intensities
  • Timer so you can set your preferred drying time


  • Does not offer an adjustable height

4. The Conair Pro Style Hair Dryer with Collapsible Bonnet


With the Conair pro style hair dryer with collapsible bonnet you can have professional drying right in the comfort of your home. This is a great pick if you are looking for a dryer that can dry your hair with rollers in and also help to make your deep conditioning more effective.

 The dryer features variable airflow settings allowing you to style your hair in the most comfortable way. The height is adjustable and there are two settings for heat/speed. It comes with a 6 foot cord so you have a lot of room for where to use the dryer. The cord can be stored in the base and the unit folds into itself and has a carry handle built in so that it is easy to store and also easy to move around. 


  • Long 6 foot cord gives you room to sit comfortably without having to be cooped up against the wall closest to the outlet
  • Bonnet is wide and deep enough to accommodate a full head of jumbo rollers
  • Folds into itself and has a carry handle for easy storage and transportation
  • Height adjustability allowed for a more customized fit
  • Lightweight so it is easy to carry around and lift as you move it out of storage and to your preferred space for use and back
  • Great value for money when you consider the features offered versus the price
  • Timed drying so you don’t have to worry about when to stop and check your hair


  • Loud – earphones could fix this
  • Can get hot on the forehead – not anything that a scarf or head tie won’t fix

5. The Tourmaline Tools 1059 Tourmaline Ionic Dryer


This is another portable dryer that offers you salon quality results in the comfort of your own home. It is affordably priced and comes with a lot of technology that you won’t find in the traditional models of hooded driers. The unit has a powerful 1875 watt motor and features ionic nano technology and tourmaline technology.

Both of these are great for your hair as they ensure that your hair won’t dry out too much. This helps to keep your hair healthy while subjecting it to heat. When you use this dryer it is like giving your hair a spa treatment; you get shiny, silky and soft almost frizz free hair. There is a front visor that is adjustable so that you can get your head and the largest rollers comfortably inside.

The dryer has 2 speed settings and 4 heat options so you can get the right settings that you prefer for your hair. The unit has a 9 foot cord along with two wheels that lock into place to ensure its stability and that it won’t move when in use. The legs are also removable so that the dryer can be stored in a compact manner. 


  • Portable
  • Direct ion technology
  • Tourmaline hair flow
  • Dries hair up to 50% faster than the traditional dryer with hood
  • Will not over dry your hair’s cuticle so there should be no cracking or brittleness
  • Will help to maintain your hairs softness and shine
  • Wont damage your hair even when running at the highest temperature
  • Very quiet operation
  • Two heat options and 4 speed settings to help you find the right custom setting for your preferences
  • Timed drying so you can set it and forget it


  • The pole could stand to be a bit stronger
  • Can get very hot on the highest heat setting


Now you have all the information you need to find the best hood hair dryers for your need. Use our guide to help you choose the right hair dryer with a hooded bonnet for your needs paying attention to all the elements that are key in picking the best.

Best Hood Hair Dryers

You want the bonnet hair dryer that will help you keep up with your busy lifestyle and save you money not going to the salon. You want to purchase one that will work well in your home and one that will be easy for you to use. Because if you can’t use it then you will find that you won’t get those salon quality results and that defeats the purpose.

If you would much rather not have to do all the work you can choose any of the five included hair dryers mentioned here.

And if that is still too much and you want us to just choose for you then we would pick between the Laila Ali LADR5604 Ionic Soft Bonnet Dryer or you could go with the Tourmaline Tools 1059 Tourmaline Ionic Dryer.

In all honesty our favorite is the Tourmaline Tools 1069 dryer because it really is designed to ensure that your hair stays healthy. It has the most features to ensure a healthy head of hair and it does offer 50 x faster drying which is good in our busy busy world. It is also easy to use with no learning curve so you can get to using it right out of the box.


We highly recommend the Tourmaline Tools 1069 because it provides value for money and it comes with great customer reviews so you don’t have to take our word for it. It is a great buy and one that will last you for years to come. 

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