Fixing A Bad Rhinoplasty

As individuals grow much older, they often become self-cautious about the structure of the different parts of their body such as their nose or lips structure. This, in turn, prompts the individuals to get a medical opinion on how they can go about altering the structure of the different body parts.

Such procedures are often carried out by professional plastic surgeons. There are different plastic surgery procedures which individuals can undergo such as liposuction, breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, facial rejuvenation among other plastic surgery procedures. Rhinoplasty is one of the plastic surgery procedures which are aimed at reconstructing and correcting the nose.

However, there are different circumstances whereby the individual who has undergone different plastic surgery procedures does not feel content with the results achieved. This, therefore, makes them want to get a second opinion or even a second procedure in order to feel comfortable with their body. Such procedures are often possible but they have to be recommended by a professional plastic surgeon.

Revision rhinoplasty, also known as secondary rhinoplasty, usually involves re-operating on the nose which previously underwent some form of correction through surgery. There are different circumstances which may lead to this surgery such as obstructed airways, cancer or a perforated septum, external scarring which is brought about by thickened scar tissue, collapsed cartilage or excessive tip projection.

Despite having a previous rhinoplasty procedure, there are some individuals who often find it difficult to breath and this is often brought about by obstructed airways. Therefore undergoing this surgery allows the individual to breathe normally, as the airways are increased in size to allow easier breathing. Here are the main techniques or approaches used in the operation.

1) Closed Approach

The closed technique is deemed ideal only when internal incisions are made in order to access the internal nasal structure. This ensures that all the incisions are internal and therefore one does not have to worry about having external scars.


  • Faster postoperative recovery

  • Lessened scarring

  • Reduces the likelihood of postoperative edema

  • The patient spends less time in the operating room

2) Open Approach

Open rhinoplasty involves an additional incision on the skin to provide direct visualization on the structure of the nose being altered. This, therefore, means that an incision will be made in between the nostril in order to allow lifting of the skin for easy alteration.

The technique used often depends on the surgeon's preferences and at the same time, the extent of damage posed to the patient's' nose.


  • The surgeon is in a better position to visualize the nose and at the same time provide a greater precision when reconstructing the nose.

  • The surgeon is also at a better place to see the cartilage and also remove the scarred tissues.

  • Open rhinoplasty also allows the surgeon to use non-destructive techniques when working on the cartilage.

  • When one is in a better position to see the nose structure clearly, then this increases the chances of having better results compared to the previous procedure.

What Are The Goals Of Revision Rhinoplasty?

This surgery is considered one of the most challenging cosmetic procedure any plastic surgeon can perform. This is due to the fact that the majority of the patients undergoing revision rhinoplasty often have high hopes that they will get better results compared to their initial procedure.

However, it is often advisable for patients to focus on the goals below in order to avoid any further disappointments.

1) Improved Aesthetics

Majority patients often consider undergoing a second procedure since they are unhappy with the results of the first procedure. Therefore it is important to acknowledge that every minimal change or alteration to the nose can have a positive impact on the patient's' appearance.

2) Realistic Expectations

Understanding that the main goal of revision rhinoplasty is to bring about improvement and not perfection. Therefore, having this at the back of your mind during the procedure will ensure that the patient gets realistic expectations and this, in turn, decreases the chances of disappointments and dissatisfaction.

3) Improved Function

Individuals who have undergone rhinoplasty may experience breathing difficulties brought about obstructed airways. Therefore undergoing this surgery, one can be able to restore their breathing back to normal.

Who Is The Ideal Candidate?

An ideal candidate for this surgery is considered as a healthy individual who is not satisfied with the results of their previous procedure. In this case, time is considered everything under these circumstances and it is advisable to wait for a period of 12 months in order for the wound to completely heal and reduce the chances of postoperative complications.

Therefore it is vital to liaise with your plastic surgeon in order for him/her to determine if you are a fit candidate for the procedure.

Where Can An Individual Undergo This Surgery?

Individuals can be able to undergo revision rhinoplasty in an accredited plastic surgery facility which provides rhinoplasty services. This, therefore, means that the facility should be licensed and the physicians within that facility too should have a license showing that the services provided within the facility are legal.

Thus it is vital to check on the accreditation of any health facility before contracting their services.

Dr.Bustillo is a board-certified reconstructive and facial plastic surgeon based on the South Florida area. Over the years he has been able to advance his medical career with a Bachelor of Arts in Biology from Boston University and completed his residency in head and neck surgery from the University of Miami.

Andre Bustillo has also been able to publish numerous articles which focus on facial surgery. Apart from his private practice, he is also known to provide care to the less fortunate in society, where he is a volunteer in non-profit organizations. He also travels around the world providing cleft-lip construction to children affected by this kind of deformity.

Please visit Dr. Bustillo if you’re in need of a revision nose job in the Miami area.

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