How Long Does It Take To Tan In The Sun – Here Is All You Need To Know?

Have you ever wondered how long does it take to tan in the sun? Most people jump at the chance to have a nice brilliant tan. Tanning makes you glow and to look sound and healthier instead of pale and pasty. You can also look slimmer if you are really consistent.

Having a brilliant brownish skin color indicates that you are shielded from the sun rays which can sometimes be harmful. Remaining too long under the extremely intense heat emanating from the summer season can increase the melanin secretion which can act as a radioactive barrier to your skin.


What Does Sun Tanning Mean?

What Does Sun Tanning Mean

Tanning otherwise known as sun tanning is a really special procedure whereby skin complexions is tanned or darkened. It can be carried out by exposing your skin to either the bright Ultraviolet (UV) radiation generated from sunlight or appropriate artificial sources.

Such artificial source includes tanning lamp mostly seen in today’s indoor tanning beds. Individuals who purposely tan their skin always involve themselves first in a process called sunbathing. A few people make use of synthetic items which can have a tanning effect without any sun exposure.

Moderate sun exposure can add to the secretion of both vitamin D and melanin by the body. However, excess sun exposure can have a negative health impact such as sunburn and high rate of having skin cancer. Excessive sun exposure tends to promote aging and depress the immune system function.

A few instances of tanning addiction have been accounted for by researchers in medicine. In spite of the fact that the process by which tanning addictions happen still remain unknown, some confirmation shows that the endorphins discharge during tanning procedure causes the pleasurable urge.

The expression "tanning" is gotten from the color tan. Its starting point was a Western culture practiced in Europe which involves young ladies seeking for how to have a less pale color.

How Long Does Sun Tanning Take?

How Long Does Sun Tanning Take

The time span it takes for a sun tanning process to take effect solely depends on the individual’s skin tone and various other physiological considerations, and in addition the intensity level of ultraviolet exposure and usage of skin and sunblock lotions.

A tan will not show up while you are outside in the sun or at the beach. The procedure takes like one of two strategies based on the level of sun exposure. In case you got enough sun to tan and not burn, the skin will change just a little or in rare occasions turns red.

This redness won’t be either hot or itchy. It will become a tan after a short time as the body secrete melatonin to the skin while responding to the ultraviolet exposure.

In case you get excessive sunbathing, you will get a sunburn. A handy approach to recognizing basic redness generated as a result of sunburn is to go for a hot shower for just 2 hours after sun bath. If it does not burn your skin, you surely don't have a sunburn. In case it burns, you do have one.

The skin will experience a more perplexing procedure if you are diagnosed of sunburn. The rate of melatonin will increase and the skin will surely heal the burn on its own. In case you have a mild burn on the skin, the redness will merely disappear.

In case the sunburn is more serious than you thought, or you noticed that the metabolism is less solid or the skin is not in shape, then symptoms of sunburn such as peeling will first be resolved before the tan shows up.

Tan shows up on some people after two hours of sun exposure. Others will probably show the tan the following morning. Normally, burn recovery takes a couple of hours, or, likely, overnight, or can extend up to three days based on my experience and research.

Procedures For A Long Lasting Tan

Many individuals loves tanning outside during sunlight. Some people prefer to go to the beach and get relaxed while listening to the sea waves slamming, while others love sitting outside by the pool in their owned yard. Some people love tanning outside rather than paying for tanning sessions.

When you are attempting to get the real tan, there are essential steps that you can take after to abstain from getting a sunburn and to get the real tan.

1. Hydrate The Skin

You ought to clean up first by showering before getting involved in the tanning process. This will keep your skin hydrated every time so that the penetrating heat of the sun won't make harming impacts and cause sunburn.

Besides showering, you ought to drink nothing less than 2 glasses of water each time you want open yourself to the sun.

It is also advisable to have a cool shower each time you're done with the sunbathe in order to promptly cool your skin and prevent your skin from having any redness, spotting, overcooking or stinginess of your skin.

2. Exfoliate Dead Skin Cells

Ensure you exfoliate your skin just before 3 to 5 days preceding the tanning. The skin layers will be so scratching and exposing your skin just after the exfoliation process may have a harmful effect. The question now is; why do we have to go through exfoliation before tanning the skin?

Exfoliation helps to shakes off every dead skin cells so that these cells will be rejuvenated and renewed thereby making you healthier than before. At whatever point you like to tan, ensure that your skin is already glowing. If not, the tan won’t come out great.

3. Use A Sodium PCA-Based Moisturizer

Sodium PCA must be available in your preferred moisturizer for the tan to be effective. This substance pulls in the dampness from the air and makes your epidermis layer look healthy. It ought to be used after you go for sunbathing and a hot shower to accomplish a brilliantly glowing brown complexion.

4. Apply A High SPF Sun Block

Continuously apply sunblock with a high SPF ingredient irrespective of whether you have a dark or fair skin color. The SPF shields your skin from extreme harm to the skin by radiation generated by intense heat of the sun.

A SPF of about 5 to 15 is sufficient for a person with a dark skin and for someone with a fair complexion, SPF of 15 to 100 is recommended.

5. Keep In Mind The Lip Balm

Your lips are an extraordinary part of skin and ordinarily sensitive to sun exposure. A special moisturizer called the lip balm is available at any beauty shops to keep the lips hydrated and prevent them from drying and chapping.

6. Look For A Perfect Spot

The method to accomplish an impeccable tan is to search for a completely perfect spot so that when your skin is exposed, it will bring about a perfect tan shading. Furthermore, you ought to check the spot if it is dry or humid.

Since humidity pulls in dampness inside the air, so it will be very proper to look for a humid spot instead of a dry one. From there on, you may now apply your preferred bronzer to accomplish a nice-looking tanned skin. Try applying it equitably to the skin starting from the face to the feet.

7. Always Wear Shades

Our eyes are delicate and sensitive when it comes to sun exposure. Wearing shades may help to shield your eyes. In any case, when you undergo the tanning process, the shades that cover your eyes may not likely be tanned.

To prevent this from happening, it is highly recommended that you put on shades or simply shut your eyes for a few minutes in order to have an even skin tone all over.

8. Moisturize Once More

After a long hour of the skin to ultraviolet light from sunlight, you may now go for a shower and use moisturizer again to hydrate your skin. You should try drinking water for you to stand a high chance of getting your skin hydrated.

To learn more about tanning tips to get a perfect skin complexion, you can check out this free video below.


After reading this article, we believe you will be able to properly tan your skin considering the time span. Ensure you adhere to techniques and guidelines discussed above for a successful tan.

Consider your skin complexion, have an estimate for sun exposure, secure a humid spot, and distinguish what physiological conditions do have an effect on your skin. Besides, stick to the procedures for tanning discussed above for a long lasting and perfect tan.

How long does it usually take you to get a perfect tan in the sun? let us know by leaving a comment below. We do love to hear from you!

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