How Often Should You Use A Tanning Bed

If you are keen on getting that perfect tan, is common to wonder how often should you use a tanning bed? The tanning process works by using Ultraviolet rays to stimulate the melanocytes to produce more melanin. Melanin is the pigment that gives you that particular color that you have.

Do you always get burned when you try tanning outside? If yes, you can try indoor tanning. When you use the tanning bed correctly, you will be able to achieve that desired perfect glow without getting burned. Using a tanning bed, you will be able to regulate your exposure to the UV lights.

For a novice to tanning with tanning beds, you should start with short exposure time as you increase it gradually. Your skin will need a few tanning sessions for the melanin to darken and produce a tan.


How Does A Tanning Bed Work?

How Does A Tanning Bed Work

The tanning bed is fitted with bulbs that emit Ultraviolet light thus imitating the sun. The sun’s rays come in three wavelengths: UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C. The ultraviolet lights from a tanning bed is a combination of UV-A and UV-B rays.

If you want to get a perfect tan, go to salons that are using new lamps that have lasted for about 250 to 300 hours. Also, ensure that the employees of that particular salon understand the tanning bed process. Many of the tanning salons have several tanning beds and offer their clients different options which include:

I. Low-pressure Package

This is where the bed emits its UV rays in a spectrum similar to that of the sun. Using this bed, you will be able to tan faster but will also be at the risk of getting sunburns. It is not recommended to those whose skin burns quickly.

II. High Pressure

The proportion of UV-A rays is greater than UV-B rays which are attributed to causing sunburns. However, this bed is more expensive to use as the tan takes longer to build but you will have a long-lasting and deeper tan.

III. Booth

In a booth, you stand up during your tanning sessions unlike in other tanning beds. It is a tanning bed that is vertical and could be perfect for those who are claustrophobic.

Before you get in any tanning bed, ensure that it is clean. Any surface that has come in contact with the skin or sweat of several other people can lead to infections. Look at the place where the edge of the bed and the glass meet, is there any buildup of dirt?

If there is, you should probably run from that salon. Don’t be quick to settle for any tanning salon, do your research and ask as many questions as you could. Make a comparison and finally choose the best out of all the options that you had.

It is against regulations to have more than one tanning session in a day. If you do so, you increase your chances of getting burned. If you have tried tanning outdoors but will no luck, the probability of you getting tanned in a tanning bed is minimal as they both apply the same concept.

What Is The Purpose Of A Skin Type Survey?

What Is The Purpose Of A Skin Type Survey

Before you get in the tanning bed, an ideal tanning salon will give you a skin analysis form to fill out. It is a series of fundamental questions that will help your attendant for that day, to design a plan for achieving the desired tan for you. They will be able to recommend you a lotion that will help you tan faster and also extend the tan.

There are six different types of skin, 1- is the lightest skin type while 6, being the darkest of all the skin types. It will help the attendant to be able to time your exposure correctly so that you don’t end up frying in the bed. You surely wouldn’t pay that salon the second visit, if such happened, would you?

Remember, to notify your attendant for the day of any medications that you are taking. Some medications affect the reaction of your skin to the beds. And the result may not be pleasing. You should also seek a detailed explanation of the operation of the different buttons on the tanning bed.

How Often Should You Tan?

It is rare for one to get a tan after the first tanning session. For you to achieve that desired brown pigment, you will need to go for regular tanning sessions. After a few sessions, you will start to notice the change.

The standard recommended time between tanning sessions is waiting for 38-46 hours before going for your subsequent visit. Depending on how your skin is tanning, the employees may increase your exposure time by 1 or 2 minutes, as you build your tan. You could also be advised to bump your sessions to 2-3 times a week.

To maintain your tan and keep it from fading, you will need to go for tanning sessions once or twice each week. Keep your skin moisturized, use soap with neutral PH Levels and increase your intake of water for the longevity of your tan.

Don’t expose yourself to indoor heating, harsh soaps, cold weather and even hot water as they will hasten the fading of the tan. That’s why regular maintenance of that shade of color is necessary. Remember to protect your lips from the UV rays using lip balm or sunscreen.

You can choose to tan in your underwear, swimsuit or opt to go nude. Take caution by ensuring that the places you sit on, walk in or lie in are 100% clean to avoid contracting infections.

Carry a pair of safety goggles if there are none in the tanning salon. They protect your eyes from the ultraviolet rays. Don’t switch them for sunglasses as sunglasses aren’t as efficient. It is because you will be risking getting night blindness, retinal ulcers, etc. that could eventually lead to blindness.


If you are considering tanning with a tanning bed or you are new to tanning altogether, the above information will prove useful. For you to get your desired shade, you may need to go for regular tanning sessions.

If you also want to maintain the tan for longer, you will also need to visit the tanning salon regularly. The best shade of color comes from exposure to a combination of UV-A and UV-B. To start your tan, exposure UV-B will stimulate an increased production of melanin. On the other hand, UV-A causes the melanin to darken.

When you are tanning with tanning beds, it is advisable to apply tanning lotion before getting in the bed. Tanning lotions could help increase the tanning results by up to 70%. They also keep your skin soft and looking healthy.

Choose one that has a moisturizing effect, nutrients, and antioxidants to relieve the stress on your skin due to exposure. Even as we throng the tanning salons, this summer, let’s remember to take the necessary precautionary measures for the good of our overall health and skin.

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