How To Remove Fake Tan – Do It Yourself Tips

Did you opt for the safer tanning technique, i.e. using fake tan? If yes, you know that you may probably have a mishap in the process. Such as orange hands, especially if you did the tanning by yourself and you used your bare hands to rub in the Tanner gently.

Also, you may have streaks and patches all over your body the longer you stay with the tan without having time to maintain it. Other times, there are days when you don’t feel like keeping the golden glow and would like to go back to your usual skin color.

Let’s face it, maintaining that golden glow can be tasking, and sometimes you just want to laze around and not wonder whether your color is uniform or not. When such a time comes, then, here’s, How to Remove Fake Tan.

Everyone has his or her own, tried and tested tan removal techniques. The below steps of removing fake tan have been tested and tried over time. Whatever your reason for needing to take off your fake tan, we’ve got you covered.


Fake Tan Removal Tips And Tricks

I. Think Exfoliation

There are several products that you won’t fail to find in the beauty shops around you, to use to exfoliate your skin. You can choose from tan removal mitts, scrubs, damp towel and even sponges. Your choice of scrub shouldn’t be one that will leave your skin oily.

Use gentle circular motions to exfoliate. Do not rub your skin vigorously, as it will lead to irritation of the skin. As you exfoliate, you help tone down the fake tan and get the skin cells to renew themselves as you scrub off the dead skin cells.

They are the ones that have been dyed using the spray tan solution.

II. Soak In Warm Water With Bath Oils

Oils help to loosen the dead skin cells that have the pigmentation from tanning. This way, they contribute to breaking down the composition of the tan. As the skin begins to soften due to the effect of the bath oils, take a tan removal mitt, work it gently and in a circular motion around your body.

The action of the glove combined with the effect of the bath oils will encourage the fading of the tan. It will also help your cells to renew themselves. It is so because the removal of fake tan is based on removing dead skin cells and not the tan itself.

III. Make Use Of Hair Removal Techniques

If you want to shave and also need to remove the fake tan, why not kill two birds with one stone? These techniques, also remove the upper layer of the skin, which is the dyed. You can either apply shaving foam in the shower.

If you want to strip down the tanned parts of your body, say hands, legs, etc. You can choose to wax or use shaving cream. It will help the tan to lose its intensity.

IV. Steam Or Lie In Warm Water

Steaming will contribute to softening the coloration, due to the heat and humidity in the steam room. Stay for about 30 minutes. Afterward, you can then, rub yourself with a wet towel in gentle circular motions to loosen the remaining tanned parts.

However, your fake tan mishap may not give you enough confidence to be able to step out of the house and hit the steam room. If you have the whole day to yourself, fill in the tub with warm water and soak in for a few hours.

Hot water helps to open the pore of your skin as it removes the tan where it has been embedded. The longer you soak in warm water, the quicker the fake tan will wash off. Visiting the sauna will also work.

V. Go Swimming

Before heading to the steam room or sauna, you can opt to go swimming. The chlorine found in swimming pools helps to break down the tan from your skin. It is abrasive to the skin. When you are done, take a shower, carry your exfoliating gloves with you to the shower.

Work in circular motions all over your body to remove the dead and dyed skin cells.The outlined tips are ideal for the whole body fake tan removal, what about when you only want to even out your tan or eliminate the orange shade on your hands?

Hacking Tips For Fixing Fake Tan Mishaps

Hacking Tips For Fixing Fake Tan Mishaps

Yes, we sometimes have those days when fake tanning goes wrong, say the palms, elbows or you get patches on your skin. So, how do you fix this without ruining your whole body tan?

Remove Patches With Lemon Juice

When your hands turn a shade of orange after applying the tanner, or you have patches of color on a particular part of the body, use lemon juice to fix this. You can rub lemon juice on the spot you want to tone down the tan directly.

Others, douse damp flannel with lemon juice and put it in the microwave for 2 minutes. Let it cool for a few seconds then rub the cloth over the patched area for instant tan removal. For application over a large area, mix the lemon juice with baking soda, sugar, etc.

Rub the mixture on your skin gently; it will work as an exfoliator. Use a mitt or glove to get the paste deeper. After a few minutes, wash off the area with warm water. For better results, repeat the process until you get your desired result.

Fix Streaky Legs With Body Scrub

An uneven tan application will result in streaky legs. To work around this, use an oil-based fine-grained body scrub. Apply it on dry skin and rub gently for a few minutes. Once done, jump in the shower and wash off the scrub.

Afterward, shave your legs. The oil in the body scrub will break down the tan whereas the fine grains and shaving cream act as exfoliators. Fill in the paler areas with your spray, mousse or lotion for an even touch.

As you remove fake tan, keep away from fabric or carpets. That is if you don’t want to leave permanent stains on them.


Fake tanning results in mishaps, once in awhile. If you don’t want to remove the whole body tan, you can fix the patches or streaks with lime juice, a mixture of lime juice with baking soda or sugar. Rub in the mixture to the skin and scrub gently.

When you are done, wash off the area with warm water. You can also fix your streaky legs by rubbing in your body oil to the area. If your fake tan has stayed too long and you are achieving a darker color than what you wanted, apply oil, baby, coconut or even olive oil, all over your body.

Wait for about half an hour and then soak in warm water. You can also soak in warm water filled with bath oils. The oils soften the dead skin cell and make it easier to exfoliate. You can also opt to steam as it helps to break down the tan on your body.

Tell us about the techniques that you use to remove fake tan…

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