How to Tan Fair Skin in Tanning Bed For The Best Results

I am fair skin naturally, and there was a time I just couldn't seem to get the tan I have envied of my friends who got a darker skin compared to mine. I thought I would never have a tan until I decided to do a comprehensive research to help people with fair skin like me.

Some people with fair skin have sensitive skin and can’t even stay in the sun for a long time. You should consider that there was something we always did wrong that’s why we couldn’t achieve the tan. That’s about to change as I have pointed out how to tan fair skin in a tanning bed.


How Tanning Process Works

Melanin produced by cells known as the melanocytes which when exposed to the UV light, produce more melanin, changes your skin color. The UV light becomes absorbed by melanin and therefore developed is a melanin base level which protects from overexposure to the UV.

Your skin turns darker as it reacts to the UV light and also depends on the wavelength and how much your skin can handle. If there is too much exposure to UV light, your skin will burn thus it is vital to know your skin color as well as regulate the length of time you will be in before getting in the tanning bed.

What to Avoid to Get That Tan

Some of the things you might have been doing wrong include:

  • Overexposure of the skin to the sun: If you have sensitive skin, don't destroy it by insisting on spending too much time in the sun without sun protection cream or lotion. Chances are you get dried up, and you damage your skin.
  • Lack of patience: I admit I have been one of the people who tend to rush their tan. Patience is paramount since everyone gets the tan differently due to the difference in skin type. When you get to the tanning salon, start with two to three minutes and always space your sessions.You should avoid going on a daily basis and hence increase your time progressively with at least an increment of one to two minutes. Your tan increases gradually and thus should your time.
  • Failing to rest your skin: After you have been in the tanning bed, production of melanin continues for a couple of hours. Therefore, you shouldn't wait in the sun bed till your skin start to turn. By giving your skin a chance to rest after the exposure, is beneficial since the cells become stimulated already.Believe it or not, when the evening comes, you will see a difference in the tan of your skin from when you left the tanning process.
  • Lack of a kick start: If you want to see the results as fast as possible, you should kick start your natural skin tan by use of tan accelerators. Also before going to the sun bed, you should apply the SPF cream probably of papaya, or coconut.
  • Neglecting your skin’s needed supplements: You should always apply over your skin the SPF creams since they provide the skin with the required supplements to tan. Since the melanin becomes produced in the skin, therefore you should strengthen your skin with the building block of melanin called I-tyrosine got from the SPF agents.
  • Lack of conditions perfect for tanning: To achieve that desired tan, you should have in mind the right conditions ideal for your skin to tan well. Therefore, you are supposed to use products that have quality ingredients right for your skin to tan.The ingredients are vitamins, antioxidants as well as the fatty acids which help in skin nourishment.
  • Failing to moisturize the skin: Moisturize! Moisturize inside and out! I can't emphasize enough. You should drink plenty of water and often use moisturizing products on your skin. Your skin must become moisturized before and after tanning.Moisturized skin tans better than dehydrated and dry skin. You desperately want that tan, then moisturize.
  • Irregular tanning: It is quite hard for fair skins to getting even that first base of tan. Worry no more. Once you follow the above steps, you will be able to acquire a tan which you should keep tanning, and there will be an increase in the tan.
  • Not Bold enough: It might sound weird, but sometimes the bold step is what gives you that dark tan. Once in a while use the tan accelerator that has bronzer as its ingredients. It will make you have a tint which will prolong your tan life.

The above steps are your first steps to getting the tan of your life. I had insisted on moisturizing before and during tanning above. Below it’s the full explanation on why moisturizing is important.

Reasons for Skin Moisturizing

Moisturizing not only makes your skin tan better, but it also helps reduce wrinkling and premature aging of the skin. The moisture from the products you use will enhance that effect. It also helps on burns caused by the UV rays of the sun.

Despite that, tanning lotions which help in moisturizing also aid your skin to produce a real, nice dark tan you will be the envy of everyone. Lotions brand that is generic do not have the ingredients responsible for quality tan or protecting the skin from harmful UV rays.

You should be extra careful on the brands of lotions you use. Also, the regular skin lotions that moisturize your skin reserved for after the tanning session shouldn't be for tanning.

Reasons for Skin Moisturizing

Fair Skin Tanning in Tanning Bed

As you know, the fair skin doesn't get tan quickly as other skin types, and it might take longer to get that base level tanning. The following are what you should keep in mind.

  • It’s nice to shower before tanning. You shouldn't just wake up and go for tanning. The makeup or perfume you use can make the skin apt to burning.
  • You should wear sunscreen of minimum SPF 20. Fair skin is quite dangerous for tanning if you don’t take care of it.
  • Always use recommended moisturizers before and after tanning since they keep your skin healthy.
  • Tan again after 24 hours or even 72 hours.
  • While tanning the whole body, ensure the sensitive parts become tanned for half the time you use for the first 3-4 sessions.
  • If there develops a rash or itchiness, remember to consult a physician.



Having a fair skin doesn’t automatically disqualify you from tanning; it calls for more care to your skin. It is recommended to know your skin type before getting in that sun bed and gradually increase your time of exposure to avoid getting burnt.

With fair skin quite sensitive to the sun, always remember to wear protective glasses or even applying sunscreen and avoiding direct radiation of the UV rays and also don't forget to moisturize often. It is high time you take a chance and learn tan fair skin in tanning bed!

Hope you liked this article. Please leave a comment or questions below.

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