What Is A Tanning Accelerator and How To Determine The Ideal One

The month of April is finally here, and many of you are rushing to get that brown glow on your skin. You may be tanning naturally or using a tanning bed or spray, well, whatever works for you. You may have come across many terms in tanning, bronzers, accelerators, etc.

If you are new to tanning, you may be wondering, what is a tanning accelerator? Accelerators are sometimes referred to as maximizers or intensifiers. Tanning accelerators are ideal for beginner tanners.

They help you tan faster and also to retain your color for longer. That is, it helps you achieve a base tan more quickly and do not typically contain added bronzers. A bronzer is a self-tanning product that gives you an instant tan.


How Does A Tanning Accelerator Work?

Now that you know what a tanning accelerator is, you are probably asking, how then does it work? We all know that melanin is what determines the tone of our skins. The more melanin you have, the darker the tone you will have.

Tanning accelerators help you achieve that brown glow by stimulating the production of more melanin in your cells. Your tan will develop naturally in that; you are only going to see the color that your melanin produces.

What is The Ideal Tanning Accelerator?

What is The Ideal Tanning Accelerator?

You are armed with information on what a tanning accelerator is and how it works, the next question is; what is the perfect tanning accelerator? You do not want to spend a lot of money on something that doesn’t work or whose results isn’t what you were anticipating.

The ideal tanning accelerator lotion is one enriched with vitamins and moisturizers. The vitamins should be those that are essential for one to have a healthy skin. The moisturizer in the lotion hydrates the skin and you to tan more quickly.

Going to a salon for a tanning lotion can be quite pricey especially if you also have to buy their tanning lotion products. To cut the costs, you can always buy your products online. But you have to ensure that they are your money’s worth.

As you choose which tanning accelerator to use, look for one that works both inside and outside. When you use one outside, remember to top it off with a sun protectant. A tanning accelerator cannot replace sunscreen when you are out in the sun.

The amount of sun protectant that you will need to use depends on the length of your exposure time outside, your skin type and the weather conditions for that day. If you use an indoor tanning accelerator outside, you risk getting a sunburn faster.

It is because of the open UV environment outside and the fact that accelerator lotions have no SPF (Sun Protectant Factor). Getting a grip of your skin type goes a long way in helping you to choose the perfect tanning lotion for your skin.

Understanding Your Skin

Understanding Your Skin

Did you know that the skin is your body’s largest organ and is made up of millions of cells? Now you know, it covers the whole body, and its cells are into two layers, i.e., the dermis(inner layer) and epidermis(outer layer).

When you expose yourself to UV lights, the skin uses your melanocytes (cells that generate melanin) to produce more melanin. Melanin is a pigment that gives your hair and skin the color that they have naturally.

The melanin then works by absorbing the UV radiation, turns it into heat and protects the cells of the skin from sunburn. The amount of pigment you have depends on your type of skin, which is in turn determined by your genetic background.

Your genetic background is in turn determined by the history of your skin’s exposure to UV lights. There are six skin types according to Fitzpatrick Skin Types. Type 1 Skin types rarely tan but they always burn and peel. People in this category and not encouraged to tan.

Those who have a skin of type 6 exhibit an Instant Pigmentation Darkening reaction. These skin types rarely tan indoors; but they tan profusely and never burn.



I hope that after going through this tutorial, you have been able to determine; what is a tanning accelerator? You will also be able to make a sound decision on which tanning accelerator will work for you. You should always choose one that has a significant amount of moisturizers.

You will also get to understand how a tanning accelerator works to help you achieve a base tan quickly. Knowing what skin type you are goes a long way in determining how much of exposure to the UV radiation that your skin can handle.

Remember to use sunscreen with your tanning accelerator when you use it for the outdoors. Tanning accelerators have no SPF and overexposure to the UV radiation will result in sunburns.

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